Polarized Prescription Sunglasses

Polarized Prescription Sunglasses

Posted by Goggles N More on 7th Feb 2020

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Do you spend hours at a time in the great outdoors, working or playing under ultraviolet rays? If so, you should consider maintaining your eye health with the purchase of polarized prescription sunglasses when choosing lenses.

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Do prescription sunglasses need polarization?

While  prescription sunglasses do not have to be polarized, it is highly recommended in order to receive the best quality and clarity of your vision. Polarized lenses have a design to diminish glare that comes light reflected off things like water, ice and other bright images that can impact your overall vision. Prescription sunglasses that are not polarized will still assist with vision, and improve it. However, those wearing sunglasses that are not polarized, will experience glare or rings exist around certain areas when they are looking out.

Although some eyewear minimizes glare and offers clear vision indoors with anti-reflective coatings, quality vision should be extended to daylight hours outdoors. For those who spend several hours a day outdoors while working or enjoying the sun, polarized sunglasses are commonly preferred due to the improved comfort associated with the reduction in glare.

Why polarized sunglasses are better?

Polarized sunglasses maintain that quality vision around the clock when outdoors, which can also be comforting to you since your eyes are not straining. Attempting to see things in a blurred and bright atmosphere outdoors, may cause unnecessary stress on the eyes and become uncomfortable. Be sure to choose lenses that offer protection against ultraviolet rays, protecting your eyes from damage.

The long-term protection that comes with the purchase of polarized sunglasses is invaluable to those of us who are in need. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can be permanently damaging to our eyes over time, leading to issues such as cataracts and glaucoma. Polarized sunglasses with UV protection not only minimizes the risk of this type of damage, maintaining the quality of your eyes and extending the vision life span, they also reduce discomfort resulting from glare being reflected off your surroundings. While they do have a higher price than other prescription sunglasses, their benefits over time make the investment worth the cost.

Are Transitions lenses the same as polarized lenses?

Transitions lenses are able to darken when exposed to ultraviolet rays. We find these convenient because the user does not have to change their eyewear when heading outside on a sunny day. These lenses are designed to provide protection from the ultraviolet rays that are beating down, but perhaps to a slightly lesser extent compared with polarized lenses (by nature of Transitions lenses they do not reach the same level of tinting compared with polarized tinted lenses - they represent a compromise solution for both indoor and outdoor wearing).

Polarized lenses remain dark at all times in order to maintain the ultimate  ultraviolet protection from the sun and are designed to be worn outdoors. Transitions lenses however, change their level of tint based upon the intensity of sunlight exposure. Due to this, the level of protection between the lenses is not equal. The purpose of polarized lenses exists around the outdoors and the sun’s rays, which is why they are designed with a permanent tint. Transitions lenses are made more for the convenience of those wearing them, eliminating the need to change eyewear when visiting the outdoors.

Choose Polarized Today

Many of us find ourselves either spending our employed hours under the sun or spending free-time trying to soak up as much sun as available. Eyes are often the quickest to deteriorate, so maintaining their health early on is essential to protect your eyesight in your later years. While they may not be as affordable as other options, make the investment in your eyes today with polarized sunglasses. Visit  Goggles N More today for your next pair of polarized sunglasses.

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