Prescription Sports Glasses For Kids


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**Excludes diving masks and non-prescription sunglasses

We offer a full line of kids prescription sports glasses and sports goggles to protect your kids from age 4-teens. We carry a wide range of colors, styles and fits so you can feel confident their eyes will be protected in whatever sport they play. Look for trusted brands like Rec Specs and BT for both boys and girls in fashion colors and designs. Many designs offer a convenient glasses to goggles kit you can add on which will help your specs stay comfortably in place even during high impact sports. Traditional wrap-around lenses often cause distortion and blurry vision on the side of the lenses. All frames come standard with clear lenses. optional tinted, polarized and transitions lenses available with 100% UV protection. Why not add an extra touch of cool to your prescription sports glasses? mirror coatings look great and they will decrease the amount of light coming through the lenses by a further 10% - 60%. Check out our selection of Kids Rx Sports Glasses (Age: 4 to 6 Years),  Kids Rx Sports Glasses (Age: 7 to 12 Years) and Kids Rx Sports Glasses (Age: 13 and Up)