Prescription Swim Goggles

We carry prescription swim goggles for kids and adults that come either fully customizable to match your precise prescription or pre-made to suit your short sighted or far sighted needs. Our prescription swimming goggles will match your exact prescription using your pupillary distance (PD) to ensure the right fit and comes in a variety of swim goggles and lense colors. You can match exact prescription on each lense to get the perfect results. These are a great choice for astigmatism and to address short sighted and far sighted correction our pre-made swim goggles address a wide range of prescriptions. Our pre-made swim goggles come with an anti-fog coating, case and are made of silicone and an array of colors come with pink, blue and black with grey lenses.

Check out our selection of custom made-to prescription goggles, kids prescription swim goggles and adult prescription swim goggles to learn more about each of these prescription swim goggles from Goggles N More.

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