Rx-able Sunglasses

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Goggles N More carries a selection of prescription rec spec sunglasses for the family from age 4 and up. We have a multitude of styles, colors, lenses and frames. Look for colors like army green, shiny silver, translucent blue, matte slate and several different patterns as well. All optional prescription sunglass lenses are UV400 rated to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful UV radiation (both UVA and UVB). Traditional prescription wrap-around lenses often cause distortion and blurry vision on the side of the lenses.Digital HD lenses are now available, with clear vision throughout each lens. Tinted, polarized and transitions prescription lenses available with 100% UV protection. Our pupillary distance (PD) guide will help you ensure you get the right fit. Check out our selection of Rx-able Sports Glasses & Goggles and Replacement Parts & Accessories.