[Adults] TUSA M28 Geminus Prescription Diving Mask - Cobalt Blue

Usually Ships in 3-5 Weeks (for Masks with Prescription Lenses)
Frame Type:
Diving/Snorkeling Mask
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Frame Features:
Low Profile / Low Volume
Frame Features:
Folds Flat
Frame Features:
Customizable Rx
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Progressives/Bifocals Compatibility:
Progressives/Bifocals Compatibility:
Double Bifocals
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TUSA M28 Geminus Prescription Diving Mask - Cobalt Blue

Experience twenty-twenty under-water vision again with our famous made to prescription lenses + quality TUSA Geminus dive mask package!

  • Rx lenses made to your exact prescription and professionally fitted to the mask's original lenses.
  • Choice of Short Sight/Long Sight/Reading Bifocal/Look Under/Double Bifocal lenses tailored to your individual needs (See below for details).
  • Wide range of powers available including very high powers: Sphere +10.0 to -12.0/ Cylinder 0 to -4.0/ Axis 0 to 180
  • Mask Color: Cobalt Blue
  • TUSA quality and durability trusted by divers the world over.
  • Shatter resistant tempered glass design delivers excellent vision and strength.
  • Tapered glass for ease of keeping an eye on your gauges and the sea bed.
  • Soft, double silicone seal ensures excellent water tightness and comfort.
  • In-built ridge beneath the nose forms a buffer area to help minimize water going to your nose.
  • Low profile, low volume design for easy clearing and equalizing.
  • Hassle-free, skirt mounted latching allows mask to fold flat - Ideal for storage as spare mask along with your diving gear.
  • Free protective case included.
  • Free reuseable cleaning cloth with anti-fog treatment. For best results, we recommend using high performance, M2P Reusable Anti-fog Dry Wipes
  • NB: All diving mask prescription lenses are custom made and would take 3-5 weeks to dispatch. Please note once ordered, changes cannot be made so please email your prescription to if you need help with entering your prescription or are unsure of which lens type is suitable and our Optometrist will assist you, thank you.


Prescription Lens Options

Type 1: Standard Short sight/long sight and high powers



  • Astigmatism Correction available
  • Standard Short Sight Powers: (sphere) -1.00 to -4.00 in 0.50 steps only (NO astigmatism correction)
  • Standard Long Sight Powers: (sphere) +1.00 to +4.00 in 0.50 steps only (NO astigmatism correction)
  • High Short Sight Powers: (sphere) 0.0 to -12.00 | (Cylinder) 0.0. to -4.00 (Astigmatism correction available)
  • High Long Sight Powers: (sphere) 0.0 to +10.00 | (Cylinder) 0.0 to -4.00 (Astigmatism correction available)
Type 2: Reading Bifocal



  • Suitable for someone with normal distance vision but requires reading/close distance vision correction only
  • Reading powers: (sphere) +0.50 to +3.50 in 0.50 steps only (NO astigmatism correction)
Type 3: Look under (Astigmatism correction available)



  • Suitable for someone who needs glasses for distance vision and needs to remove glasses to view close objects
  • Distance/short sight powers: (sphere) 0.00 to -4.00 | (cylinder) 0.00 to -2.00 (Astigmatism correction available)
Type 4: Double Bifocal (Astigmatism correction available)


  • Suitable for someone who needs glasses for both distance and near vision
  • Short Sight Powers: (Sphere) 0.00 to -10.00 | (Cylinder) 0.00 to -4.00 (Astigmatism correction available)
  • Long Sight Powers: (Sphere) 0.00 to +12.00 | (Cylinder) 0.00 to -4.00 (Astigmatism correction available)


  • 1x Spectacle Frame + Goggles Accessories (optional prescription lenses)
  • 1x Protective Case
  • 1x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Dispatch Time (frame only): Usually 1-3 WORK DAYS
  • Dispatch Time (Prescription lenses): Usually 5-10 WORK DAYS
  • Delivery Time: Standard Registered Shipping: Usually 7-18 WORK DAYS After Dispatch
  • Delivery Time: Express Shipping: Approx 2-7 WORK DAYS After Dispatch
  • Total Time = Dispatch Time + Delivery Time
  • (Additional 1-3 days for anti-reflective, transition, tinted and mirror coated lenses | Additional 3 to 7 days for Blue Light Control lenses)

2 Reviews

  • 4
    Great lenses

    Posted by Tim on 18th Nov 2015

    I got to use these for a few snorkels in the islands last month and I loved the lenses. It was nice to be able to see clearly out far but with the look unders I could still see my camera screen clearly also. Unfortunately the mask itself is not right for my face and leaked. No fault of GogglesNMore. I was not able to try masks on with no Tusa dealer anywhere near us and I took a chance. The nice thing is is these lenses fit at least three other Tusa masks so when I can get to a dealer I can get a mask and put these lenses back to work.

  • 5
    Awesome mask!

    Posted by Helen on 27th Jan 2014

    I was very pleased with this mask. It arrived much earlier than expected, and any queries I had were answered straight away in a very friendly manner. I have used it for underwater hockey and diving and it is just a brilliant experience being able to see so well underwater!! I would definitely recommend this mask and this website to anyone. Thank you! :)