Progear Sports Glasses & Goggles


Designed for comfort and eye protection, Progear sports glasses and sports goggles are made to withstand impact during low or high impact activities. Wear Progear whether you're needing basketball sports goggles or mountain biking MTB sports goggles for an extra layer of protection against hazardous elements found in every environment. In addition to having a selection of modern styles, Progear can be customized with your specific RX as prescription sports goggles or prescription sports glasses. Increase your accuracy or view dangers ahead of time in a pair of Progear sports glasses, available for all ages. These ASTM rated sports glasses offer adaptable frames made for athletes' comfort and safety from eye damage or vision loss. From sports goggles for biking to prescription sports glasses for basketball, Progear is the number one recommended choice no matter which activity you choose to play.