Reduce your handicap and improve your game with a pair of golf sunglasses. By improving your vision, you'll have an edge the next time you hit the green for 18 holes.

Ask any seasoned golfer and they'll agree: golf is a sport that relies heavily on hand-eye coordination. Golfers must have a conscious awareness of where the ball is located when swinging the club to create contact. Not getting enough contact, can result in the ball slicing to either the right or left, which subsequently reduces its distance and accuracy.

A pair of golf sunglasses will reduce sun glare and enhance your vision, so you can focus more on achieving full contact during your swings. The mid-afternoon glare at just the right angle can throw off even the most experienced golfer, sending the ball slicing in the wrong direction. By wearing the right sunglasses, however, you can prevent disturbances such as this.

Another benefit of wearing golf sunglasses is their ability to minimize or even block out the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. UV light is defined as any the light between 100 and 400 nanometers on the invisible light spectrum. Studies have shown that long-term exposure to the sun's UV light can lead to cancer as well as other eye conditions.