Protect your eyes on the court with a pair of racquetball goggles. Whether you prefer singles or doubles matches, you should always wear a pair of shatter-resistant goggles.

Speed gun tests inside the small 800-square-foot racquetballs court have clocked balls traveling at speeds of nearly 200 miles per hour (mph). The sheer velocity of the ball traveling in a confined space can create a dangerous scenario for players. Whether it's traveling at 50 mph or 200, though, a racquetball can easily injure a player's eye.

According to the United States Racquetball Association (USRA), racquet sports consistently rank among the top in terms of sports with the highest number of reported eye injuries. These injuries range from minor scratches and abrasions to more serious injuries that cause permanent vision loss. The USRA also points out that 90% of racquetball-related eye injuries can be prevented by wearing the proper eyewear.

Most competitive racquetball organizations require three pieces of equipment to play: a racquetball, a racquet, and protective eyewear. If a player fails to bring goggles to the game, he or she will be prohibited from playing.

What most athletes don’t realize is that an eye injury can destroy their career.  It is common knowledge to take precautions when playing sports, such as wearing knee pads, helmets and other equipment. However, athletes commonly neglect protective eye wear which ends up leading to serious eye injuries and subsequently bigger predicaments in the future.

Sports related eye injuries can be costly and inconvenient. As sports practitioners ourselves we value the importance of a safe and effective pair of goggles for every determined sport. In racquetball the balls often reach speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour, which is enough force to cause serious eye damage. Occasionally the nature of the ball also provokes players to lose sight of the ball. As a result, the potential for a player to be accidentally struck by the ball is substantially high. Such an impact can cause the eyeball to bleed, be pushed into the socket or rupture.

Racquetball requires a lot of coordination, and the ability to judge objects in space and distance at speed. Having the optimum vision on the court is key in playing a good game against any opponent. We believe that requiring corrective lenses should be no reason to stay out of the game. Our shatterproof goggles are specifically fit for your athletic demands. Don’t be limited with bad vision any longer and grab your favorite pair of racquetball goggles today!