Basketball consistently ranks near the top of the list for sports-related eye injuries. Whether it's a flying elbow, fingers, or an unpredictable rebound ball, there are numerous eye hazards to players. Players can protect themselves from eye injuries by wearing a pair of basketball goggles.

To put the problem of eye injuries into perspective, a report published by the National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP) says the odds for a college basketball player to sustain an eye injury is 1 in 10. On the other hand, statistics show that only 1 in 18 college athletes (all sports combined) will sustain an eye injury.

In addition to protecting the eyes, some basketball goggles also come with built-in nose guards for an even higher level of protection.

It's a little known fact that basketball was originally played with brown soccer balls. It wasn't until the late 1950s when a man named Tony Hinkle set on a quest to find a more effective ball for the game. He introduced an orange ball, which later became the sport's standard. Surprisingly, Hinkle's new concept ball resulted in fewer injuries.

Basketball Goggles & Basketball Glasses

Playing a basketball game either in a competition or just for fun is exciting and, what is more, enjoyable is coming out of it without any injury. Eye injuries in basketball are quite common because of close contact between the players. Goggles N More will help you find an ideal solution when it comes to protecting your eyes when playing this exciting sport. We offer protective eye gear with or without prescription lenses. Eye injuries can be extremely painful and costly and at times, could even lead to blindness. These injuries can involve inflamed iris, detached or swollen retina, painful cornea abrasions, eye socket fracture, blunt-force trauma and penetrating injuries, anterior chamber blood spill and traumatic cataract.

Interestingly over ninety percent of eye injuries can be prevented when sports goggles are used. has basketball goggles that come with built-in nose guards for more protection when playing this popular game. Our basketball goggles and basketball glasses come in different colors and unique designs for you to choose from. Our priority is to ensure your satisfaction and our knowledgeable staff will advise you accordingly on which goggles and glasses are the best for you. Customer satisifcation at is at the heart of what we do, and our prices are also the best all-round.  

Wearing the right sports glasses not only protects you from eye injuries but also helps you maintain clear vision while playing especially if prescription lenses are fitted, for those of you who would normally require glasses off-field. They also protect your eyes from flying debris, insects and the sun’s harmful UV rays when you are playing on an outdoor field. Wearing protective goggles or glasses helps you play better and with more confidence, given the reassured safety for your eyes.

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