Kids Sunglasses

Many parents are now-a-days experts at protecting their kids' tender skin from sunburns but what about the harmful ultraviolet rays the sun dishes out to their eyes? It turns out that the pupil in a kid's eye is more dilated compared to that of an adult, hence more susceptible to UV damage. Research has also shown  the exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun to increase the risks of cataracts and macular degeneration thus the importance of protecting your child's eyes is paramount. Also, eye damage typically wouldn't surface until later on in life. Fortunately, good sunglasses protect not only your kid's eyes but also the skin around the eyes.

At Gogglesnmore, we offer quality kids-proof sunnies for children of all ages. Our sunglasses are designed to withstand your child's adventures with the following features:


100% UV protection

We understand that kid's eyewear is not just about fun and games. The lenses in our goggles are therefore designed to offer maximum protection from the harmful UV rays (both UVA and UVB - UV400 rated). Our lenses are also impact and scratch resistant and won't pop out of their frames to match the active lifestyle of kids.


Kids-proof & Versatile

Our sunnies (Frames & Lenses) are built with sturdy, impact and shatter resistant materials that ensure that they can withstand falls and impact. They also come with a removable/adjustable headstrap so they stay on your kid's face even during vigorous physical activities.

Our versatile kids sunglasses can also double as sports sunglasses (meets ASTM F803 for various sports) with or without prescription lenses so you don’t have to buy an additional pair just for eye protection when your child is playing sports.



We believe that the design of your child's sunglasses is equally as important as the protectiveness of the lenses. That's why our sunnies are designed such that they reduce the amount of sunlight peeking through the sides.


Eye- catching Designs

Kids don't usually like items that are seemingly "good for you." They often fancy a cool, fun and trendy look. Our sunglasses come in a variety of rich colors and modern styles. They are made for individual expression for both boys and girls. That way your little ones are much more likely to wear their sunnies every time they step out.

It is a good idea to allow your child to choose their sunglasses since you are not the one who will be wearing them. Kids are much more likely to wear their sunglasses if they get to pick out the sunnies themselves, which match their preference in terms of style and color. We encourage you to browse through all the sunglasses in the selection below and we trust you'll find a pair that’s right for your child.