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Say goodbye to blurry vision at the beach or swimming pool once and for all and experience the difference for yourself!

Whether a swimmer extraordinaire or a poolside mermaid, it is likely that you’ll need sunblock, a swim cap or hat and sunglasses, but one piece of protective gear is often left out of the pool or beach bag…Swimming Goggles.

Do you dismiss your red, itchy eyes as an inevitable part of the swimming pool experience? Don’t put up with it any longer.

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Welcome to Goggles N More, a family-owned, distributor of M2P branded made-to-order prescription sports eyewear, amongst others, began when its owners (regular swimmers themselves) recognized the lack of affordable solutions available for fellow swimmers in need of prescription swimming goggles that cater for their individual prescription needs. Our passionate team consists of experienced Optometrists, Technicians and other professionals; all working hard to bring you quality prescription swimming goggles, prescription sports glasses, prescription sports sunglasses, prescription diving masks, prescription ski goggles, kids bluelight filtering computer glasses and other innovative eyewear solutions at the best possible prices.

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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions, including how to determine the correct size of goggles for your needs, Buyers' Guides to various types of sports eyewear as well as the types and uses of different lens options. If you require further assistance, feel free to contact our friendly staff .

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