Cycling (Biking)

Tired of getting bugs, pebbles and debris in your eyes when you're biking? Shield against hazards such as these along with harmful UV radiation and enhance your vision with the perfect pair of cycling sunglasses.


Mountain biking is a popular sport enjoyed by millions of people throughout the country. Some of the different variations include cross country (XC), downhill, freeride, dirt jumping, and trails. Regardless of which variation of mountain biking you prefer, there's a very real chance of catching a branch in the eye. Gearing up in a pair of premium cycling sunglasses will help reduce the likelihood of such occurrences while allowing you to focus on the trail.


Statistically, road cycling is the most popular form of cycling, consisting of recreational, competitive racing and utility. As the name suggests, it involves cycling on open and/or closed roads as opposed to trails. However, even road cyclists could benefit from wearing cycling shades. Light debris may shoot up from nearby traffic or you may catch a stray bug. These are just a few instances where a pair of cycling sunglasses would prove invaluable.