Anti Blue Light Block Glasses


The effects of harmful blue light are cumulative and concerning. Research shows that we need to protect not only our eyes from our laptops,computers and other devices which emit dangerous blue light, we also need to protect the sensitive eyes of our children. With the increase in screen time, tablets and cell phones being used by kids younger than ever it's time to look at the facts when it comes to what we are exposing our families to in regards to blue light. The damage is irreversible, which means it is of utmost importance to know how to protect against it. We carry a solution in our blue light blocker glasses.

HOW TO MINIMIZE EXPOSURE TO BLUE LIGHT EMITTED FROM DIGITAL DEVICES? Aside from minimizing the amount of time we spend using our smartphones and other devices, blue light glasses with blue light lenses should be worn when using our digital gadgets. The special patented lens technology incorporated into our blue light blocking lenses minimizes the transmission of HEV/blue light (thus minimizes damage to retinal cells) while optimizing color contrast (reduces eye-strain / improved comfort) with minimal distortion to color perception.  Check out our selection of kids glasses, womens glasses and mens glasses.