Adults Prescription Swim Goggles


We carry a full line of adult (10+) swim goggles in both custom made to your full prescription. Lenses come with a wide range of powers available: Sphere powers from +11.00 to -19.00. Astigmatism (Cylinder) up to ±8.00. and prism correction also available. (Total combined power of Sph+Cyl is +13.00/-19.00). Our goggles come in a variety of colors and lens colors with choices of clear (great for indoor use), tinted/color lenses (reduce glare like your sunglasses and come in grey, blue, brown, orange and yellow) or Photochromatic/Transition lenses (perfect for indoor/outdoor swimmers. These lenses change from clear to dark grey when out in the sun). All lenses, clear or colored, are UV400 rated (100% UVA & UVB protection) to protect your eyes from harmful solar radiation. Our pre made goggles are great for short sighted and far sighted swimmers. These can be customized with each lens to your exact prescription. These come with adjustable nose bridges for further customization, anti fog coating and a protective case. Check out our selection of kids prescription swim goggles and custom made to prescription goggles