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Sports Goggles are the Best Option

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Does your child have the maturity to properly manage contact lens use? It is important to ask yourself this question when considering to purchase contact lens for your child or teen. A child’s ability to handle contact lenses responsibly is more important than an age alone, it is all about your child taking these instructions into consideration. Serious complications can become apparent from contact lens wear, especially when not used appropriately.

Benefits of wearing prescription glasses

There is a variety of eye conditions that make contacts impossible to wear, while other patients find the whole process irritating or simply do not like how contacts feel. If you can relate to any of these categories, there is no need to worry. You can still see while working, playing sports, skiing, or even when you are scuba diving without having to stress.

Whether you need sunglasses, protective sport glasses, ski goggles or scuba goggles- almost every type of sports eyewear can be purchased with a prescription lens. Having prescription sports eyewear provides you flexibility when it comes to style that provides a simple application and removal process.

When you are engaging in sports while wearing standard glasses, that poses a serious safety threat. Especially when it comes to contact sports or high intensity activities, your glasses have a high chance of breaking, which can cause broken lens pieces entering your eyes. Or even if they do not break on your face, dropping them on the ground or stepping on them could result in sharp broken pieces, which is something no one wants.

With specialized glasses or goggles, your prescription lenses are specifically designed for sports - making it a better option to change into when you are starting your sports activity, training, or game.

For protection and comfort in your sports goggles or glasses, polycarbonate lenses are your best choice. Polycarbonate lenses are crack and shatter-proof and some also provide you with ultraviolet radiation protection.  The are also lighter and slimmer (around 20%) compared with standard plastic or glass lenses, making them both more comfortable and more stylish to wear.

There is no need to worry if you or your child is involved in a sport that requires safety goggles or glasses - purchasing special prescription lenses for sports goggles or glasses does not have to be prohibitively expensive. GogglesNMore takes pride on having a wide selection of the best quality and competitive pricing prescription sports goggles and glasses in the industry. Quality does not always have to be costly. Make sure you do your research prior to purchasing you or your child’s prescription sports goggles or glasses. 

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