Sports Goggles are the Best Option

Sports Goggles are the Best Option

Posted by Amy on 22nd Jan 2018

Does your child have the maturity to properly manage contact lens use? It is important to ask yourself this question when considering to purchase contact lens for your child or teen. A child’s ability … read more
Glasses Keep NBA Players Sharp

Glasses Keep NBA Players Sharp

Posted by Alex on 4th Dec 2017

Above - Cropped copy of photograph by Keith AllisonThe 2017 basketball season is well underway. I’m sure every fan has been watching the smooth moves and quick reflexes in both the College- and Nation … read more

Facts About Dry Eyes

Posted by Brian on 23rd Oct 2017

What Is Dry Eye?When your eyes do not produce enough tears, it is referred to as “dry eye.” In order for our eyes to remain healthy and comfortable, tears must lubricate the eye’s surface. When you bl … read more


Posted by Alex on 1st Oct 2017

Common Situations Leading to Fogged Up Goggles and GlassesHave you ever stepped out of your car and your glasses instantly fogged up that you could not see? Or perhaps you walk inside a store and … read more

​Can You Wear Eyeglasses Playing Football?

Posted by Alex on 23rd Aug 2017

According to, an estimate of 40,000 sports-related eye injuries occurs each year in the United States. Of that estimated number, approximately 90 percent are easily preventable. Sport … read more