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​Can You Wear Eyeglasses Playing Football?

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According to FamilyDoctor.org, an estimate of 40,000 sports-related eye injuries occurs each year in the United States. Of that estimated number, approximately 90 percent are easily preventable. Sports that are considered to be a high-vision-risk are those that involve equipment such as a bat, stick, racket, ball or puck. Football is an extremely high-vision-risk sport because it involves a ball, as well as face-to-face physical contact- that is usually aggressive. If you wear glasses normally, your ability to play sports is not limited. With the correct modifications, you can still safely have clear vision, without your glasses, when you play any sport.

Common Sports-Related Eye Injuries

The majority of sports-related eye injuries occurs in people under the age of 30, but primarily is common in children. Injuries to the eye can span from an irritation to the eye to partial or complete blindness. Reported by the University of Illinois Department of Ophthalmology, three types of sports-related eye trauma are penetrating injuries, blunt injuries, and abrasions to the cornea. A blunt injury is when someone or something hits you in or around your eye. Penetrating injuries occur when someone or something cuts your eye. Wearing glasses while playing sports is an extremely high-vision-risk, since your glasses can break and puncture into the eye.

Sports-related eye injuries can range from minor to very serious. Injuries such as fingernail scratches, which are highly common, do not normally require treatment. However, other injuries such as bleeding in the eye, called hyphema, require a visit to ophthalmologist and in other cases where broken eyeglasses enter the eye, require emergency medical attention.


All athletes should wear protective eyewear specifically designed for the sport. In football, protective gear worn is a must, but that does not just mean a helmet and pads. If you wear glasses, Gogglesnmore has a great selection of durable sports glasses that can get you back in the game! It cannot be emphasized enough NOT to wear your regular eyeglasses on the field.

With athletes becoming more aware of the risks to sports-related eye injuries, eye protection is becoming increasingly popular with many major league athletes, says Gogglesnmore. Whether it is prescription or nonprescription, proper sports eyewear lessens the risk of any eye injuries, all while enhancing the player’s vision. Some athletic facilities and fitness clubs are becoming conscious of the risks and are now requiring eye protection to be worn to reduce the risk.

If you want to play football and are in need of prescription sports glasses, the best lens is made of polycarbonate. With a polycarbonate lens, the lens is resistant to impact and GogglesNMore’s lenses also come standard with ultraviolet protection to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Adding an extra hard scratch-resistant coating can increase durability even more and minimize the possibility of damage to the lenses. It is important to choose a sports frame that is designed to fit inside of the football helmet (low profile sides/slimline temples/helmet friendly strap). The best football frames also contain rubber padding in the areas where the frame contacts the wearer’s head and nose. Another tip is to avoid buying frames that are too big because frames that do not fit properly will not protect properly. Once your frame is outgrown, it is important to get the proper size because frames that are too small also interfere with peripheral vision, increasing the risk of injury.

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