Prescription Sports Glasses

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Whether you need sports goggles or sports glasses with or without prescription lenses, kids or adult sized frames for the young and the young at heart, outdoor color lens tinting or even Transitions lenses, at, you'll find everything you need all in the one place.

From our top of the line Rec Specs baseball and lacrosse compatible sports glasses thru to our popular goggles for basketball and other sports, you're sure to find what you're after at our famous super low prices.  Simply select sports goggles or sports glasses by your favorite sport. 

Your eyes are one of the most important assets and protecting them is our goal. Whether you need prescription eyewear to increase your vision to 20/20, or simply need goggles or glasses to protect your eyes during physical activity, at GogglesNMore we have our eyes on your eyes. We offer a wide variety of sports glasses including goggles, protective glasses, and prescription eyewear.

Why Invest in Sports Glasses

  • Studies show that specially designed, state of the art sports glasses have a direct impact on sports performance. When eyewear is worn to improve vision fields, improve sight through prescription lenses, or aid in clearer sight, athletes accuracy greatly improved.

  • Protective sports glasses keep eyes safe from injury. The National Society to Prevent Blindness states that nearly 40,000 eye injuries were reported to be sports related injuries. This number increases greatly when you take into account the injuries that are not reported to the Society. In many instances, eye injuries result in permanent damage.

  • Sports glasses can also protect eyes from harmful dangerous UV rays from continued exposure to the sun.

Sports goggles and glasses are much improved for comfort, better fit, performance, and style. Sports glasses reduce blurry vision and the specialized sides allow you to utilize your peripheral vision to its maximum, to give you an added edge against the competition. Baseball, basketball, and lacrosse players that wear sports glasses report better response times and accuracy when compared to their counterparts that don't wear sports glasses but normally require regular glasses. Prescription swimming goggles allow competitive swimmers to achieve better lap times increase speed because of improved vision underwater.

Whether you need recreational sports glasses, swimming goggles or sports goggles with strong prescription requirements, at GogglesNMore your sight is our top priority. We have a large selection to choose from and utilize the latest technological advances to ensure that your eyes are protected, enabling you to enjoy all the sports you love. We can also make and fit prescription lenses made to your exact prescription (even for very high prescription powers) such as Single Vision, Progressive, Bifocal lenses, as well as lenses that provide correction for Astigmatism or Prism.  Right here at our store, you will find the styles you love at a price you can afford.