Racket / Racquet Sports

Protective eyewear is an essential piece of gear for racquet sports. Whether you play badminton, paddleball, paddle tennis, racquetball, speed-ball, speedminton, squash, table tennis (ping pong), tennis, or any other sport in which racquets are used to hit a ball, you should always wear a pair of racquet sports goggles.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, there are approximately 40,000 sports-related eye injuries each year. While basketball and baseball are responsible for the most eye injuries, racquet sports aren’t far behind. There's an inherit risk of eye injury in racquet sports due to the nature of the game – racquets are used to hit a ball and often with as much force as possible.

While most racquet sports players wear goggles for the sole purpose of protecting their eyes against injury, a side benefit that's often overlooked is their ability to block out harmful ultraviolet sunlight. Studies have linked long-term exposure to the sun's UVA and UVB light to skin cancer of the eye. Racquet sports players can protect their eyes and eyelids from ultraviolet light exposure by wearing goggles that provide UV protection.