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While the rate of injury may be lower in volleyball when compared to other sports, it doesn't come without its own inherit risks. From 2004 to 2009, more than 26,000 injuries were reported by the NCAA women's volleyball. These injuries include concussions, muscle sprains, muscle strains, tendonitis, torn ligaments, and blows to the eyes and face. By wearing a pair of volleyball glasses, players can protect themselves from eye injuries.

Our UV400 rated Sports glasses and sunglasses will prove particularly useful in beach volleyball as they help shield the wearer from impact to the eyes as well as harmful UV radiation.  Investing in a pair of UV400 rated beach volleyball glasses, especially those with an inner eye gasket, will also help protect you from the wind and sand as well, allowing you to enjoy the game even more.

The Glabella is the measurement of the bridge between your eyes. These specs are specifically assembled to fit flawlessly on your unique bridge. Subsequently you won’t have to agonize over them falling off your face during an intense game of beach volleyball. There’s nothing more tedious than loose fitting glasses while trying to compete and show off your sports expertise and capability on the sand.

Not only do athletes on the seashore have to endure atmospheric conditions, and their opponents, but also sweat searing you’re eyes tends to be a huge setback. Keeping your vision exceptional during a match of any sport is one of our biggest concerns. That’s why our glasses have foam lining on the inside, which wraps around your head for a comfortable game.

Although you will still perspire, your vision won’t get foggy. The optional anti-fog wipes are a great feature to keep your head in the game as opposed to a hazy experience.

There are no other polarized lenses on the market that work as well as the cutting edge brands that we carry specifically designed for every sport. Being extremely lightweight these stylish shades are bound to fall in the water, when off the court. Nothing to worry about though, they float! Optimal protection from the sun and a stylish innovative frame makes these the most convenient prescription volleyball sunglasses you’ll ever encounter. Don’t miss your chance at triumph during a fierce match! check out all the fashion forward styles we have in stock.