Athletic sports glasses are specially designed to meet the unique needs of athletes. Standard sunglasses are difficult, if not impossible, to wear when you're running, playing sports, or performing other physically intense activities. The slightest bump or shift in body weight could send them tumbling to the ground below. This problem is easily prevented, however, by wearing athletic glasses with a wrap-around band. The wrap-around band contours to the natural shape of your head, holding the glasses securely in place.

Being that these glasses are designed for active individuals, you can rest assured knowing they will hold up under pressure. Athletic glasses are constructed with quality materials for a superior level of strength and durability.

Depending on the model, some athletic glasses also feature interchangeable lenses, allowing for an even greater level of customization. So if you're ready for a change but don't want to purchase another pair of sunglasses, swap out your lens for a new color. In just seconds, you'll have a new style to wear.