Buyer's Guide: Sunglasses for Motorcycle Riding

The motorcycle sunglasses you purchase should be comfortable to wear, but also provide you a protective element to ensure your eyes are not hurt or damaged while riding. There are far too many riders choosing glasses based on what matches their attire, rather than what they really need in terms of safety, this can be quite dangerous.

In order to find the right eyewear for your riding pleasure, consider the following carefully. Remember, even if you wear a helmet, having the right eye gear can ensure your eyes are protected from the sun.


Most experts highly recommend polycarbonate, polarized motorcycle sunglasses since they cut the glare, are hard to break so they reduce eyestrain while providing a clear view of the road ahead.

There are some motorcycle glasses that have photochromic, or tTransitions lenses. These are a good option for riders who enjoy time on the road during the day and night. The darkness or lightness of the lenses depend on the amount of sunlight the glasses are exposed to; however, they do not get as dark as the polarized lenses, so they may not be as comfortable for individuals who are sensitive to sunlight.


Another important consideration is the frame. The most protective design is glasses that wrap around the rider's face. These glasses help to keep the wind away from the eyes and protect the area around the eyes. If another type of frame is preferred, the rider should ensure the sides are wide enough to offer some protection. Some models also come with removable climate guards for extra protection against the elements. Be sure to look for ventilation for wrap around glasses, as well, since this will affect how comfortable they are to wear and minimize lens fogging.

Prescription or Non-Prescription

Thanks to modern technology, riders can now purchase motorcycle sunglasses with Rx lenses made to their required prescription. This means they do not have to worry about wearing glasses or contacts while on the road. This helps to minimize the potential for damage and ensure the rider's eyes are safe and comfortable.

It is important to carefully consider the options when choosing motorcycle sunglasses. This will help ensure you find a pair that meets your needs and protects your eyes.