How to Enter Your Glasses Prescription

You can simply email us your glasses prescription ( and we can either email you a screenshot of how to enter it or we can set up your order for you (in which case please also email us your billing and shipping details/model/quantity/color of the goggles/lens options you would like to order etc).  Otherwise, you can also follow the steps below to enter it yourself.

Step 1:
Determine from below which one of the following prescription types your/the required prescription belongs to (i.e. type 1/type 2/type 3/type 4).  Please do not use your contact lens prescription as it will differ from your glasses prescription.  If none of them applies to you, please email a copy of your prescription (either a scan or photo) to and our Opticians will help you decipher it.

Step 2:
Based on your prescription type, please click on the relevant link below and follow the instructions on the how to video:

Type 2:

Type 3:


Type 4: