"Pending" & Other Order Status Definitions + Order Tracking



Order Status


When you log into your GogglesnMore customer account to check the status of your order, one of the following statuses would be shown against your order.  Please find below the definition of each:

  • Awaiting Fulfillment: Your order had been placed and is being processed.
  • Awaiting Payment: Order was placed using Paypal eCheque.  Order processing will begin once eCheque is cleared by Paypal (usually takes several business days).  Also, it could be a case where standard lenses were inadvertently selected when high power lenses are required for the prescription details provided by the customer.  Additional payment for high power lenses would be required before order processing begins.  Please check your email.
  • Awaiting Shipment: Items ordered have been picked from our warehouse, awaiting packing and dispatch.
  • Cancelled: Order cancelled on customer's request.
  • Verification Required: Clarification or confirmation of order details required or awaiting glasses prescription copy.  Please check your email.
  • Partially Shipped: A portion of your order had been dispatched on its way to you with the balance still being processed.
  • Pending: Made to prescription item(s) ordered currently in production.
  • Refunded: Refund processed; please note it may take 2-4 business days for refunded amount to appear in your bank account.
  • Shipped: Your order had been dispatched and it is on its way to the designated delivery address.



Delivery Tracking


At the time of shipment, you will be issued with your parcel's tracking ID via email.  You can check delivery status by entering it into the box below.

For full details on dispatch timing and shipping lead-time estimates, please click here.