Extra Care Cover



Extra protection for your investment - Practically for nothing*



Want extra protection against accidental breakage or changes in prescription for your or your child’s brand new, custom-made prescription goggles (i.e. sports goggles/swim goggles/ski goggles inserts)?  How about getting all this without having to pay any hidden co-payments if you need to exercise your entitlement?  What’s more, get every cent back if you don’t request for an exchange for a replacement pair?  At GogglesNMore, we have got you covered with our Extra Care Program.

* At the end of the coverage period (12 months from date of purchase), the customer will be entitled to the full amount paid for the coverage (less any coupon discounts applied at the time of order) in store credits if you don’t exchange for a replacement pair; so if you don’t use it, you’ll get your money back in store credits.


What's covered under this program (i.e. the fine print):

1)      Accidental breakage (cover period: 12 months)

2)      Manufacturer’s defects in workmanship and materials (cover period: 12 months)

3)      Prescription changes (cover period: 9 months)


The customer is entitled to a one-time exchange for the same frame (or equal valued frame if same frame is unavailable) with the same lenses and lens options as per their original order. If a prescription change necessitates an upgrade in lens and/or lens options, the customer will have to pay the difference. Products for exchange must be returned to GogglesNMore for the exchange to be valid; buyer pays return shipping.  Extra care cover payment not refundable in any form other than store credits, except when items are returned according to our returns policy.