How to Select the Right Size Sports Goggles

Selecting the right size sports glasses from our wide selection of models is actually very simple. While the recommended age group shown for each model is a useful starting point, the determining factor to look for, or dimension in this case, is the frame width or total width shown for each product, such as the example illustrated below:

This dimension needs to be compatible with the total width of the regular glasses or sunglasses worn by the intended user, which is measured from temple to temple (between the inside surfaces), which essentially represents the total width of the intended user’s head measured from one side to the other. 

If you have any other questions regarding sports goggles selection or perhaps need help with deciphering your prescription details, please don’t hesitate to email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible (usually within 12 to 24 hours).

We hope we can assist you with your sports eyewear needs so you or your loved ones can enjoy your favorite sports even more.