What is my Pupil Distance (Pupillary Distance or PD)?

The Pupil Distance or otherwise known as Pupillary Distance (PD) is the distance between your two pupils, measured in millimeters (mm). This measurement is required for us to center the lenses correctly in the glasses/goggles so that you are looking through the center of the lenses.  If you are ordering just the glasses/goggles frame only without prescription lenses, please enter "not applicable" in the pupil distance selection field when adding your glasses to your shopping cart.

Please note if you are ordering prescription lenses with your glasses/goggles  and if we are not provided with your pupil distance (PD), we will use the following pupil distances by default, except for universal goggles insert and diving mask orders (Please state age of the end-user under special instructions when ordering):

  • Adults Glasses/Goggles (Age 14+): 63 mm 
  • Kids Glasses/Goggles (10 to 13 year olds): 60 mm
  • Kids Glasses/Goggles: (6 to 9 year olds): 56 mm
  • Young Kids Glasses/Goggles: (2 to 5 year olds): 53 mm


If your pupil distance (PD) is not written on your prescription, and you cannot obtain this from your Optician (who should have it on file), then you can follow the steps shown in the video below (using photo upload method) or the instructions below on how to measure this with the help of a friend. You will need a ruler and a camera for the latter. 

Method 1 - Provide us with a photo and we can find your PD for you (see video):


Method 2 - Steps to measure your PD with the help of a friend:

1) Look straight ahead at an object at least 6m away from you.

2) Ask your friend to give you a ruler.

3) Position the ruler slightly beneath your lower eyelids, horizontally, with the numbers on the ruler facing your friend in front of you. Gently rest this against your nose (see photo below).

4) With the help of your friend, position the ruler so the zero (0) mark lines up with one of your eye pupils.

5) Ask your friend to take a photo of your eyes and the ruler once the ruler is in the correct position described in (4).

6) Looking at the photo, read off the distance between your 2 pupils. This is your PD for distance vision. eg in the photo below, the PD reading is 65mm.

7) Do this several times until you get similar results.