Buyer's Guide: Water Sports Sunglasses or Goggles

When choosing water sport goggles there's a lot of things to consider. Predominantly the most important factor would be what sport or sports the goggles will be intended for and for what age range. Whether it's swimming, wakeboarding, jet skiing, surfing or water skiing... sunglasses or goggles are a crucial accessory on the water.

All of these sports require different features on the glasses. If you’re wakeboarding or participating in a water sport that requires your hands to be constantly occupied, you probably want a wrap around strap so that your glasses aren’t constantly falling off or coming loose.

The Lenses

Lenses are a vital factor when choosing the perfect sports sunglasses. Your sunglasses should shield you from the tedious salt water, as well as the sun and the harsh winds felt with speed. These elements can dry out your eyes and make them more vulnerable to sunburn, which can lead to permanent eye problems.  Sunglasses with removable weather shields or gaskets are ideal for protecting you against the elements.

Polarized impact resistant polycarbonate lenses with UV400 rated ultra violet protection are the ideal kind, as they remove distracting glare off the water’s surface and will not shatter on impact. Vented to reduce fogging, these comfortable accessories will ensure a great ride on any board you choose to ride on the water.  Another useful feature to select is hydrophobic lens coating, which helps water glide off the lenses so your vision isn’t affected whilst in the thick of the action.

To reassure glare free vision we recommend a polarized filtered coated lens. Our specs are available with a wide range of tints and functional designs that have been carefully tailored for activities that involve protection from UVA and UVB rays.

The Frame

When choosing a frame for your favourite hobby, you want to consider what your usual movements are. Preferably in all water sports you want to go with the wrap around band to guarantee that they will stay on your head even when you’re tossed in the roughest whitewater. These glasses can essentially be knocked off your face but not off your body, due to the durable elastic band connected to the sunglass arms.  Even better are sunglasses that float on water for added peace of mind, which makes it possible to retrieve them if they do fall into the water despite having a strap. 

Prescription Lenses

Poor vision shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the water sports you love! enjoy the freedom of corrected vision with added prescription lenses. Blurry vision left uncorrected while around water or during a physical sport such as surfing or sailing, distracts you and can lead to poor performance. Wearing contacts underwater is never a good idea, due to increased risk of eye infections that could result in the complete loss of eyesight.

There’s a lot to consider in order to ensure the best experience during a water sport, but at GogglesNMore, we have got it covered for you.