Buyers Guide: Sports Sunglasses

Sports sunglasses are a good investment for any outdoor athlete because they protect your vision. Well, unfortunately, in the midst of trying to get the sports latest gear, many athletes tend to overlook sports sunglasses. There are varieties to choose from so before spotting out your favorite pair; there are a lot of things to put into consideration.

Settling For a Sunglass Tint

To a larger extent, settling for the right sunglass tint will depend on the light conditions and the demands of your sport. However, it may also depend on your personal preference.

Tinted sunglasses can reduce glare and may improve contrast. This enables an athlete to see with greater accuracy, speed, comfort and clarity which has a positive impact on their performance. Different tint colors have different functions. For instance, neutral gray tint can be a good option for anyone whose aim is to reduce glare while keeping 100% color accuracy. Alternatively, brown, green or yellow tints are preferable options for athletes who want to enhance contrast; the latter for overcast or low light conditions.

In other sports such as softball and tennis, brown tinted lenses can enable you to see the ball more clearly against grassy fields or blue sky, which can help you hit it with a bat or racquet more accurately.

Green-colored lenses are also a favorite among golfers since they reduce reduce glare while brightening shadows, which helps them better map out their trajectories. Sunglasses are also a plus when you are biking because suitable lenses (eg. yellow tinted lenses) can make it easier for you to see the terrain and ride safely especially when going downhill at an accelerated speed.

Protection from UV Radiation

Regardless of the outdoor sport you're engaged in, exposure to the sun's UV rays can risk eye damage because of the prolonged time athletes spend in the sun.

Before settling for sports sunglasses, ensure they'll be able to offer you 100% UV protection. At GogglesNMore, UV400 rated lenses come standard for your protection against harmful UV radiation from the sun.

Besides UV radiation, there are other lens features that sunglasses might have. These include photochromic lenses that change their level of lens tinting automatically according to changing light conditions, polarized sunglasses that greatly reduces sunglare from off shiny surfaces such as water or snow , anti-reflective coating which prevents the sunlight's glare from reflecting off the back surface of the sunglass lenses when the sun is behind you. Lastly, there are mirror coatings that further reduces glare from reaching your eyes for increased comfort when exposed to the full glare of the sun. They are ideal for sports like hiking, snowshoeing, swimming and skiing that are played in bright conditions.

Choosing a Frame

When it comes to style and design, safety comes first so unlike fashion sunglasses sports sunglasses need to offer a certain level of protection to your eyes. Remember that sports sunglasses help protect your face and vision.

Oval faces can work with nearly any shape of sports sunglasses. However, a round face should likely settle for angular or straight frames that are wide. For a square face, soft and curvier design would work just fine while an oval or rimless frame would perfectly complement high cheekbones.

A good recommendation for heart-shaped faces is aviator frames or a frame with a straight line on the top. Consider a frame that's proportional to your face and one that fits well for more comfort and better protection.

Prescription Lenses

While some sports sunglasses can be fitted with prescription lenses, others offer the option of optical inserts. These lenses are either clipped to the nose piece or inside of the top frame. If you purchase sunglasses without prescription lenses, an ophthalmologist can help you insert them.

To be on the safe side, consider purchasing a spare pair of sports sunglasses to avoid inconvenience if you take part in competitive events in case of lost, theft or damage. Choosing the right pair, aside from protecting your vision will ultimately improve your performance and enjoyment of the game.