Universal Goggles Insert (Prescription Lenses Available) for Ski Goggles/Snow Boarding Goggles/Motorcycle Goggles/Motocross Goggles

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Goggles Rx Insert
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Teens to Adults (12yr+)
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Fits Practically Any Ski Goggles
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Convert your own Goggles to a Prescription Goggle with our Universal Prescription Lenses Inserts (4 sizes for kids & adults + prescription lenses available) Suitable for almost any Ski Goggles, Snow Boarding, Motorcycle & Motocross Goggles, Safety Goggles and even Paintball Skirmish Goggles.


Suitable for Adults & Kids (4 Sizes Available) 

You're no longer constrained to "fit-over" style goggles or very expensive brand name prescription goggles gren-tick-v2.png

Costs only a fraction of the price of regular prescription ski goggles/Snow Boarding Goggles/Motocross Goggles gren-tick-v2.png
Transforms your favorite goggles into a pair of prescription goggles in seconds. gren-tick-v2.png
Cleverly designed insert fits snugly behind your goggle lenses so they won't come off when you're in action. gren-tick-v2.png
Quick insert or release so you can use it between your different pairs of goggles gren-tick-v2.png

Suitable for Oakley, Smith, Anon, Bolle, Abom, Cebe ski goggles and many other brands gren-tick-v2.png


Just click on the link below and see which size is recommended for your goggles.


Please click here to see WHICH INSERT SUITS MY GOGGLES? 


[NB: Not compatible with open-style, sports goggles (i.e. not designed for basketball/soccer/volleyball/windsurfing goggles etc) sold on this website]



Key Features




Frame: TR90 Compatible Material or high impact nylon

Lenses: Polycarbonate or CR39 material available




Choice of either Lifestyle CR39 or light-weight, impact resistant Polycarbonate lenses made to your prescription.

Wide range of powers available, starting from USD$30.00 for low powers. Extra charges apply to high powers and lens material upgrade.

NB: Total powers (Sphere + Cylinder) needs to be between +10.00 and -12.00

Single Vision Distance, Lined Bifocal and Progressive (no line) lenses available.

If your prescription changes in the future, simply put new lenses into your insert.

You can purchase just the insert and take it to your local optician to have your prescription lenses fitted. No template needed.

If your prescription powers are outside the range shown above or perhaps you are unsure if your prescripton is available, please email our Optometrist at Optometrist@gogglesnmore.com.

What is Pupillary Distance (PD)? Click here for more information.




rx-insert-dimensions-b.jpg         large-ski-goggles-insert-dimensions-b.jpgkids-ski-goggles-insert-dimensions-b.jpg





All made to prescription lenses do not have anti-fog agent on them.  For best results, we recommend using Clarity Defog IT Reuseable Anti-fog Wipes.



Clarity DEFOG IT Reusable Anti-fog Dry Wipes

Trusted by the military, law enforcement agencies and sports enthusiasts worldwide, Defog IT's specially formulated anti-fog treatment works for many hours on swimming goggles, sports goggles, diving masks, ski goggles, glasses; basically any optical lenses.

DEFOG IT Anti-fog wipes are safe and effective on all lens types and coatings, including anti-reflective lenses.

Goes on invisible with no smearing.  No spray needed, just wipe on dry lenses before use.

Multi-use cloth. Up to 8 applications with the original cloth depending on lens size.

Click here to watch a video of how Defog it really works.




1x Universal Goggles Insert/Frame

1x Pair of Prescription Lenses (Optional Extra)






Dispatch Time (Non prescription lenses):   Usually 1-3 WORK DAYS

Dispatch Time (Prescription lenses): Usually 2-7 WORK DAYS

Delivery Time: Standard Registered Shipping:   Usually 7-18 WORK DAYS After Dispatch

Delivery Time: Express Shipping:      Approx 2-7 WORK DAYS After Dispatch

TOTAL TIME = Dispatch Time + Delivery Time

Just like your regular prescription glasses, all prescription goggle lenses are custom made and so will take time to make and fit to your frame. Once they are finished, they will be dispatched from our facilities and then shipped via your delivery method of choice. Whilst we are able to fast track dispatching of goggles where possible, we are unable to control shipping lead-time, which is dependent on factors such as customs clearance and your local postal services.

Please see compatible ski goggles by brands/models and/or 1:1 ski insert templates/cutouts for test fitment.

233 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Sherry Young on 16th Feb 2020

    Awesome. My prescription fits inside ski goggles.

  • 5
    Excellent products and service!

    Posted by Margot on 16th Feb 2020

    Two separate purchases and both met expectations and were delivered faster than promised! My daughter loves her soccer glasses and ski goggles insert! Ordering was easy and accurate.

  • 5
    Eyeglass insert for snow goggles

    Posted by TAD in JAX on 16th Feb 2020

    I bought the eyeglass insert for goggles before my last boarding trip to Aspen. The were FANTASTIC! I bought simply the insert - type 1 ($25) and got my local eyeglass provider to put in lens ($150). I also bought the goggles that they recommended as a match for my insert to guarantee the fit (rather than try to fit it in my current goggle).
    I can tell you that the experience was PHENOMENAL. I can now see, without my eyeglass being pushed into my face by my goggles (i used those goggles that allowed for eyeglasses, and they still hurt). Finally, after 10 years, I can board in comfort and able to see clearly. Should have done this a LONG time ago. I give it 5/5 stars.

    The paper cut out to see if they fit your current goggles are almost useless, so prepare to buy another pair of goggles if they don't fit.

  • 4
    Looking forward to my first ski runs with lens

    Posted by private on 16th Feb 2020

    We site is a not intuitive, but after I called the company I found out there were multiple screens to advance through before the order and all terms and conditions came together. I was able to complete the order without any further problems.

  • 5
    No extra cover required

    Posted by Rod Gonski on 9th Feb 2020

    At times, there were delays in communicating by email, but otherwise product arrived in good shape and fits as expected.

  • 5
    Universal Goggles Insert (Prescription Lenses Available) for Ski Goggles/Snow Boarding Goggles/Motorcycle Goggles/Motocross Goggles

    Posted by Michelle Lee on 9th Feb 2020

    Bought two universal goggle inserts for my Anon WM1 - Type 2 and Type 4. Type 4 is slightly larger so I see less of the frame in my peripheral vision, but they were harder to put into my goggles. They work as expected, made it much easier to see when snowboarding, would highly recommend.

  • 5
    Great, Just Great!

    Posted by David S on 5th Feb 2020

    I am farsighted now and adding these to my goggles made all the difference in the world. I even had readers in place at the bottom so I could read the trail map! Loved them!

  • 5
    First timer with no regrets!

    Posted by Jesse Evans on 27th Jan 2020

    I was a little skeptical but SO HAPPY that I ordered a pair of in-goggle glasses from them. I measured very carefully to make sure I would get the correct style lenses and they fit perfect in my goggles. I absolutely love them. I’ve never not worn glasses under my goggles before, and it’s always been such a pain. This was awesome! I haven’t had any fogging issues either. I’ll be ordering another pair for my son!

    The website for ordering was a little clunky and confusing at times, but worth sticking with it. For instance, you couldn’t move on without selecting a goggle manufacturer brand that you are fitting too, but they didn’t list mine I got off of Amazon, so I just picked one at random so I could move on. Customer service was very prompt to respond after I submitted my order to let me know it was being processed.

  • 5
    exceeded my expectations

    Posted by Don Q on 27th Jan 2020

    Nice tight fit in my Oakley OTG goggles. Prescription seems to be spot on. Haven’t ridden my dirt bike with them yet but I don’t anticipate any problem with them wiggling around.