4 Fun Pool Games for Kids

Posted by Alan on 25th May 2014

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Children of all ages enjoy playing in the pool. In fact, most parents struggle to get their children out when it's time to leave. The weightless feeling it offers combined with the freedom to swim around makes it a magical experience that children love. However, children may not want to spend the entire time swimming; they may also want to play games.

#1) Marco Polo

Quite possibly the most popular kids' pool game, Marco Polo, is variation of hide-and-seek. It can be played with as few as 2 kids or as many as a dozen. One child must stand (or float) in the corner with his or her eyes covered while yelling “Marco” and the other children then respond by saying “Polo.” The “blind” child must tag the other children by locating them through sound. When all children have been tagged, the game is over.

#2) Sharks and Minnows

Sharks & Minnows is another fun pool game for kids. The goal is to try and swim to the end of the pool without being tagged by the 'shark.' Any child who's tagged by the shark joins the shark's team and is also able to tag other swimmers. Typically, the game starts with everyone standing side-by-side next to the pool. When the shark yells “sharks and minnows” everyone dives into the pool while trying to swim to the other end.

#3) Beach Ball Race

Beach ball race is a fun alternative to normal swim races. A beach ball or some other floating object is placed in front of each child and using only their nose, they must push it to the opposite end of the pool.

The concept of this game sounds simple enough but it's difficult even for adults to accomplish. As you begin to nudge the beach ball around, it will likely stray into other swimmers' paths, making it difficult to control. Nonetheless, beach ball race is a fun and often times, humorous pool game that children love playing.

#4) Musical Chairs (Pool Style)

You're probably wondering how musical chairs can be played in the pool. Well, 'pool-style' musical chairs is played by having children stand in a circle and pass a beach ball to one another while music is playing. When the music stops, the child holding the beach ball is eliminated.The game continues unitl there's only one child left standing.Just remember to keep your stereo away from the pool's edge for obvious reasons.