Benefits of Wearing Swimming Goggles

Benefits of Wearing Swimming Goggles

Posted by Alex on 25th Apr 2014

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Benefits of Wearing Swimming Goggles

Whether you're a competitive pool swimmer or someone who enjoys an occasional dip in the ocean while on vacation, wearing a pair of swimming goggles offers a number of unique benefits. Some of these benefits are obvious, such as the ability to see underwater but others are not so obvious. If you're still on the fence about wearing them, check out some of the benefits below.

Protects The Eyes From Saltwater and Chlorine

The first benefit of wearing swimming goggles that we're going to discuss is their ability to protect the eyes against chlorinated freshwater or ocean saltwater. Exposing your eyes to chlorine or saltwater isn't going to cause any permanent damage but it's still quite painful nonetheless. Even small amounts may create an intense burning sensation while leaving your eyes red and watery.

A pair of high-quality swimming goggles offer a tight, waterproof seal that minimizes the intrusion of water into your eyes. Without saltwater or chlorinated pool water rushing into your eyes, you'll have a greater level of comfort when swimming.

Fitment of Corrective Lenses

According to, approximately 75% of Americans wear some form of corrective lenses (225 million). Thankfully, manufacturers have acknowledged this statistic by offering affordable  swimming goggles with custom-made prescription lenses. Swimmers are no longer forced to struggle with their eyesight due to a lack of prescription eyewear in the water. Now, they can select goggles with lenses made specifically for their vision needs.

If you wear a pair of prescription glasses or contacts, you should order a pair of prescription-lens swimming goggles. With built-in corrective lenses, you'll be able to enjoy the sport of swimming without straining your eyes.

Improves Clarity

Of course, wearing a pair of swimming goggles will also improve your clarity and vision as well. In the case of competitive swimming in the pool, these Rx lenses would improve your depth/distance perception, allowing you to better judge when to turn and go towards improving your lap times. Not to mention you’ll also be able to see your lane more clearly so you can better judge your line.

Even if you swim strictly for recreational purposes, you're sure to appreciate the improved clarity that a pair of swimming goggles would offer. It's an otherwise simple accessory that can make a world of difference when you're competing against other swimmers.

The Bottom Line

Swimming goggles may not offer the same aerodynamic benefits as a swim cap but there are still plenty of reasons why you should wear them. They protect your eyes from saltwater and chlorine; they provide greater clarity and they can be designed with prescription lenses to suit your needs.