How to Get the Most from Your Snorkeling Adventure

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Snorkeling Adventure

Snorkeling is a fun activity that allows people of all ages to experience underwater environments in an up-close-and-personal setting. Unlike scuba diving, there's no special training or certification process necessary in order to enjoy this activity. All it takes is a snorkeling mask, a breathing tube (known as a snorkel) and a pair of fins. If you're planning a snorkeling trip in the near future, however, you should follow these tips to get the most out of your adventure.

Gear Up!

It's hard to enjoy a snorkeling excursion when you're constantly battling a leaking face mask. As the salt water slowly creeps its way into your mask, it will eventually reach your eyes and force you to surface. So, how do you prevent this from occurring?

Avoid the temptation of purchasing a cheap $5 mask from the convenience store or souvenir shop. Instead, invest in a decent, fitted mask that would form a water-tight seal with you face once you out it on, snorkel and fins from a snorkeling/scuba gear shop. Spending the extra money on proper gear will make your adventure more enjoyable.

Note: beginners should invest in a dry snorkel. These snorkels have built-in valves which automatically close when the wearer goes underwater; thus, preventing water from traveling down through the snorkel and into the wearer's mouth.

Practice in a Pool

Taking a brand new mask and snorkel out in the ocean is just asking for trouble. While everyone else in your group is enjoying the beautiful marine life, you'll be stuck trying to adjust your gear. This is why it's good idea to practice in a pool first.

Take your mask, snorkel and fins to a swimming pool to give them a test run. Make the necessary adjustments so they fit comfortably and float on the surface to ensure they function properly. Assuming your gear functions as they should and your mask doesn't leak, you'll be ready to hit the ocean.

Snorkeling Tips:

> Take slow, steady breaths to avoid hyperventilating (beginners are often anxious and tend to breath heavily).

> Let your body relax as you float on top of the water's surface.

> If your snorkel fills with water, blow sharply to blast it back out.

> Fins should remain below the water's surface at all times.

> Drink plenty of water before and after snorkeling.

> Don't be afraid to dive while snorkeling. While holding your breath, you can use your fins to propel your body   further down.

> Keep your distance from marine life.

> Wet the inside of your mask occasionally to prevent it from fogging or better still, use anti-fog wipes.

> Most importantly, keep your body in a natural, relaxed state.

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