How To Take Care Of Your Swimming Goggles

Posted by Goggles n More on 16th Dec 2014

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How To Take Care Of Your Swimming Goggles

Most people don’t realize they can extend the life of their swimming goggles by putting these three simple rules to work. Follow these pointers and save yourself the hassle. 

    Excess fog is bothersome and can cause us to wipe the inside lenses of our goggles with towels, our fingers, and in some cases, has us licking them with our tongues. Resist these urges at all costs. Messing with the inside of your lenses damages, scratches and rubs off the anti-fog coating applied by the manufacturer. If your goggles are foggy, simply take them off, dip them in water, and tilt them so that the water drains out. This should remove the fog and provide you with clear visibility. If however, you are using GogglesnMore’s  swimming goggles with hard-coated, made-to-prescription lenses instead, then it would be ok to gently wipe the fog away with your fingers or better still, keep the fog away in the first place by using these  “Defog It” reusable anti-fog wipes.
    A cold fresh water rinse after swimming is an excellent way to keep containments from breaking down the rubber seals and for keeping mildew off your lenses. Goggles aren’t designed to hold up against heat, so don’t rinse or dry with hot water or air. Heat will weaken the straps and clips, and potentially warp the lenses. Stay away from detergents and cleaning chemicals when washing your goggles. Cold fresh water is your best bet.
    After rinsing your goggles clean, be sure to lay them down somewhere flat to dry. Throwing your wet goggles in you gear bag with the rest of your wet belongings, or wrapping them up in a towel is a recipe for disaster. Bacteria and mold breed in moist environments and will eat away at your goggles and damage them. Leaving your goggles in the sun will dry out and damage your straps and clips.How To Take Care Of Your Swimming Goggles