Snowboarding For Beginners

Posted by Goggles n More on 1st Nov 2014

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Snowboarding For Beginners

Snowboarding is a fun and rewarding winter sport that brings the traditional elements of skateboarding to snow-capped mountain trails. Once you get some experience under your belt, you’ll be able to fly down hills and jump over obstacle. However, those who’ve never attempted the sport before probably don’t realize just how difficult it is. If you’re willing to give it a shot, keep reading and we’ll go over some of the basic tips and guidelines for first-time snowboarders.

Gathering Your Gear

Contrary to what some people may believe, it takes a bit more than just a snowboard to get started with this sport. Once you’ve found a snowboard that’s suitable for your size, you’ll need to choose a well-fitting pair of boots, helmets, ski goggles, gloves, thermals, waterproof pants, a waterproof shirt, beanie, chapstick, sunblock and a good attitude. That might seem like a lot to remember, but most ski resorts have shops set up in the event you forget an item. Trust me, you don’t want to end up at the top of a mountain with the sun glaring down on you only to realize you left your goggles and sunblock at home.

How To Prevent Falling

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could fly down the mountain on a snowboard like the professionals do? Unfortunately, this isn’t going to happen immediately, so you can expect to fall quite a few times during your few outings. As long as you wear a helmet and the right gear, however, you shouldn’t experience any serious injury or pain from falling. Just remember to watch out for trees, rocks and other people trying to enjoy the mountain. If you’re unable to cut your board fast enough to move out of the way, kick it up in the air so you fall on your bottom. This is easier and less painful than running into something or someone at full speed.

General Tips and Tricks

Most ski resorts offer helpful lessons and training classes for people of all skill levels to learn how to ski and/or snowboard. While they typically aren’t free, the price you pay for a professional to show you first-hand how to snowboard is well worth the minimal investment.

You can read all the guides and how-to articles online, but nothing compares to someone showing you the exact position your body needs to be in. When you first reach the ski resort, find out when and where the classes are and go ahead and sign up for one. The faster you take the class, the sooner you’ll be riding freely on your board.