Soccer Players Who Played Multiple Sports

Posted by Goggles n More on 11th Jun 2015

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Soccer Players Who Played Multiple Sports     

Sports enthusiasts love an athlete that can compete at the highest level in multiple sports. We commonly see this with baseball and football players thanks to their seasonal schedules not overlapping each other. But the sport you’re least likely to see produce multi-sport athletes, mainly because of its year-round schedule, is soccer. It is rare to see a professional soccer player competing in any other sport than the beautiful game.

But behold, here are four renowned soccer players who played multiple sports:

Andriy Shevchenko

As of August 2014, Shevchenko is the 7th-highest goal scorer in Champions League history with 59 goals, and at 48 goals, he is the third top goal scorer in all European competitions. Andriy Shevchenko is also the second most prolific player for his previous club team, Milan, where he tallied 175 goals. As an adolescent student, Shevchenko was a competitive boxer in the LLWI Ukrainian junior league before deciding on soccer. After retiring from soccer, he has competed in a professional golf tournament, the Kharkov Superior Cup in his native Ukraine.

Andy Goram

Goram earned 43 caps as the goalkeeper for the Scottish International Football Club. He began his soccer career at Oldham Athletic before moving to Hibernian, and then later transferring to the renowned Rangers squad of the 90s where he earned the moniker, “The Goalie.” Manchester United and Motherwell are two other reputable clubs he protected the net for. Goram also represented Scotland in four first-class cricket matches as a medium pace bowler, two in 1989 and the other two in 1991. In a 1989 match, Goram out-bowled England Test player Richard Blakey in a NatWest trophy contest against Yorkshire.

Curtis Woodhouse

Currently the manager of Goole A.F.C, Woodhouse is best known as the professional soccer player turned professional boxer. Curtis Woodhouse began his soccer career at York City before transferring to other programs including Sheffield United, Birmingham City in 2001, and Rotherham United in 2003 before retiring in 2006. Upon retiring from soccer, Woodhouse took up boxing where he is the reigning International Masters light-welterweight champion with a record of 16-3.

Julian Dicks

Dicks was voted West Ham’s player of the year four times between 1990 and 1997. He debuted with Birmingham City at the tender age of 14, but don’t let his age fool you, Dicks was a fierce competitor. His Premier League debut came with Liverpool in 1993, where he is remembered for his tough defensive tackling, and penalty and free-kicking expertise that led to his nickname “The Terminator.” After retiring from soccer, Dicks took up golf were he went professional not long after transitioning to the fairways of the links. Currently, Dicks is the manager of Sealand National Soccer Team.