Top 3 Rivers to Kayak on the US East Coast

Posted by Goggles n More on 28th Dec 2014

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Everyone has got a favorite river. It could be the one nearest to your home, the one with the best white water, or the stretch that is the longest and gives you that workout you need after a long week at the office. Whatever the case may be, there are a select few that rank higher on the charts than others in the kayaking community.

Here is a list of the top 3 rivers running though the east coast region of the US:

The Green River Narrows You’re going to be hard pressed to find a river with easier access, reliable river flows, and A+ rapids than this steep stretch of rapidly moving water. Tucked away in Asheville, North Carolina, the town has adopted quite a following of kayakers who find this little slice of heaven is all the home they need.

The Green River Narrows set the mark for Class V kayaking when they became popular back in 1988. Famous rapids such as the big three; Go Left, Gorilla, and Sunshine, offer set boofs, technical waterfalls and steep slides requiring precise paddling and expert level technique. This stretch of water is not beginner friendly, but a great place for boating enthusiasts to see some of the most daring lines worth paddling.

The Toxaway River If you’re doing a tour of the southeast region and you brought your creek boat along for the ride, this is must-see-location. Commonly known as the toughest run of rapids in the region, the Toxaway showcases back-to-back Class V+ water that isn’t meant for swimming with its steep, fast, and often shallows current. "This thing is in a different caliber. You go in knowing that it is going to be hard, and that you are going to go really fast, and you are going to drain your adrenaline reservoir. But running these rapids is priceless," says Chris Baer, a professional kayaker.

The Upper Blackwater “The Upper B” Up in the northern region of West Virginia flows another monster worth a visit. When flows are high, this stretch of river attracts worldwide attention from some of the most avid boaters out there. Ben Scoville, Operations Manager at Wilderness Voyageurs describes the Upper B as, "Steep, but not too steep. It's a river, it's a creek. It’s classic lines, beautiful scenery, and commitment."