Top 3 Rivers to Kayak on US West Coast

Posted by Goggles n More on 20th Feb 2015

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As the late spring and early summer heat melts off the remaining snow from the pacific northwestern mountain tops, kayakers prepare themselves and their equipment for that brief window during the boating season where flows are at their best. Some of the most notable paddling can be found on northern California and Washington rivers that offer remote passage through rigid and beautiful mountain passes.

Here is a list of the top 3 rivers flowing through the west coast region of the US:

Middle Feather River “Devils Canyon” Deep river valleys, granite canyons, and beautiful northern California weather. This three-day down river trip is the perfect vacation getaway for the family as well as for adrenaline junkies seeking that next adventure. Catch the flows right after the Sierras winter run off, and experience some fresh, crisp rapids that are unique in and of themselves.

The Little White Salmon Just over the northern border of Oregon on the Columbia Gorge you’ll find the Little White Salmon. But don’t let the name fool you, there is nothing little about this Class V stretch. This river offers little pause and even less room for error due to its continual white water rapid sets. Weaving its way through gorgeous green wilderness that sometimes engulfs the river, the Little White Salmon is truly a spectacle worth experiencing. To end the run, kayakers enjoy a nice thirty-foot waterfall known as Spirit Falls, a resounding exclamation point on a voyage you won’t soon forget.

Oh Be Joyful A bit inland, but nonetheless a west coast venture for the boating community, Oh Be Joyful is located in beautiful Crested Butte, CO. This Rocky Mountain river excursion offers a mixture of technical whitewater combined with a plethora of waterfalls that is not meant for beginners. Oh Be Joyful is Class V water that requires expert level paddling maneuvers and river knowledge. If you’re looking to partake in this or any of the previously mentioned rivers, it is advised that you venture down river with a fellow boater with experience on the rapids. Multiple portages may be required depending on seasonal conditions and hazards.