Top 4 Infield Softball Drills

Posted by Goggles n More on 14th Dec 2014

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If your softball team if having difficulties infield, you should practice some of the following drills. Without a strong infield, there's simply no way your team is going to make it through the season, let alone win a championship.

Round-Robin Ball Throw

One of the most basic infield drills is a round-robin ball throw. Line your infield team in their respective positions and have them throw the ball to one another. The catcher should toss the ball to first base; the first basewoman should throw it to second; the second basewoman should throw it to third; and the third basewoman should throw it back to home. To add a little bit of excitement to this drill, you can have two or three balls going around at the same time. This keeps the players' attention and helps them practice greater focus while on the field.


Fielding bunts is oftentimes a weakness for many softball teams. If you need help in this area, you should practice by having a batter bunt the ball to different parts of the field. Start by bunting the ball to first and have the first basewoman try to field it. Next, the bunt should go towards second with the shortstop going for the ball. The third bunt should go towards third base, and then you’ll repeat the cycle.


Tell one of your players to hit infield ground balls for your team to practice with. Sometimes there's no better way to practice than by having actual ground balls hit your way. It may take a few at bats before your batter is able to consistently hit ground balls throughout the infield, but once they have it down, your team will be moving all over the place trying to get them. When your team catches the ball, have them practice throwing it to either 1st, 2nd, 3rd or home plate.


Another drill that’s sure to help your team is practicing with pop-flys. Find a player whose good at hitting pop-flys knock some into the air for your team to field. Tell him or her to take turns on whose going to field the pop-flys, as you don’t want them all going to the same person.

These are just a few basic infield softball drills to help condition your team to perform better infield. Keep your team focused on practicing and you’ll find their performance will improve in the games to come.