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Kids Flexible Glasses - Rec Specs Liberty Sport Z8 Y60 Satin Red Pink 46 Size

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Kids Flexible Glasses - Rec Specs Liberty Sport Z8 Y60 Satin Red Pink 46 Size

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Kids Prescription Glasses

From the makers of Rec Specs, Liberty Sport's range of active kids eyewear is virtually indestructible for energic kids. You no longer need to worry about your child breaking their glasses as these are designed to withstand dropping, stomping, twisting and bumps. Rec Specs Z8 Y60 frames are designed for kids.

Color: Satin Red Pink


1 Size Available 
46mm lens width 119mm frame width - (4-8 years)

Measure Pupillary Distance (PD)



Note on sizing: Please compare the width of your child's glasses measured straight across from temple to temple (measured using a straight ruler) against the Frame Width measurement shown above for suitability.


Frame Features
Nylo-Flex™ material
  • Made from a flexible and durable material to withstand knocks and bumps, making these kids prescription glasses virtually unbreakable.
  • Will last your child a long time and you won't have to replace their broken glasses as often
ShockBlok™ LV1 Impact Dampening technology
  • Safer for your child as shock is transferred from the lenses to the frame to protect your child's eyes
3D Contour Grip™ Temples
  • Fully adjustable and custom fit ear pieces for best comfort and fit
  • Hypoallergenic
Comfortable and Durable Nose Pieces
  • Injection molded for durability and comfort


Lenses & Lens Options

  • Protect your child's eyes from damaging Blue Light - click here to find out more
  • Ideal for individuals who spend much of their day exposed to high-energy blue light emitted from smartphones, computers, tablets, TV etc.
  • Helps you sleep better at night: Significantly reduces exposure to blue light emitted from screens of digital devices that are associated with disruption to the body's Circadian Rhythm.
  • Improves visual comfort by enhancing color contrast.
  • What's unique and cool about these lenses? Unlike other blue blocking glasses on the market, our Blue Light Control lenses deliver a well-balanced combination; optimum blue light filtering with minimum effect on color distortion.
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Color of lenses: May be slightly yellow in appearance with blue color coating
  • Recommended for mainly indoor use
  • Click Here for available lens colors


  • Optional Tinted, Polarized and Transitions lenses available. 100% UV protection
  • Polarized lenses - Fixed color tints that reduces glare reflecting off surfaces such as snow, water and windscreens. Ideal for water and winter sports.
  • Transitions lenses - Changes from clear indoors up to 70% dark gray outdoors under strong sunlight.
  • Click Here for available lens options


  • 1x Spectacle Frame + Optional prescription lenses
  • 1x Protective Case
  • 1x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Dispatch Time (frame only): Usually 1-3 WORK DAYS
  • Dispatch Time (Prescription lenses): Usually 5-10 WORK DAYS
  • Delivery Time: Standard Registered Shipping: Usually 7-18 WORK DAYS After Dispatch
  • Delivery Time: Express Shipping: Approx 2-7 WORK DAYS After Dispatch
  • TOTAL TIME = Dispatch Time + Delivery Time
  • (Additional 1-3 days for anti-reflective, transition, tinted and mirror coated lenses | Additional 3 to 7 days for Blue Light Control lenses)

Kids Prescription Glasses 

DISCLAIMER: Eyeglasses, when properly worn, are designed for vision correction only. They are not designed for use as a substitute for protective goggles specifically designed for racket sports, contact sports or other impact sports as these are intrinsically hazardous. Failure to heed this warning risk the possibility of eye injury, including severe eye injury to a person's eyes when struck in that region. Please note participation in any sports implies acceptance of some risk of injury. The Designer, Dispenser and the Manufacturer do not claim that any eyewear is unbreakable or eliminates the possibility of eye or facial injury.