Best Sports Eyewear for Kids

Best Sports Eyewear for Kids

Posted by Goggles N More on 17th Mar 2019

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There are so many activities for our youth to get involved in today and that is a great thing. That also means that parents, coaches, guardians, and teachers also have a greater responsibility to keep our children safe. Among many of those different activities for our children to get involved with and benefit from, many safety and health concerns will need to be addressed.

Eye Protection for Kids Playing Sports

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Is it football, swimming, soccer, basketball or some other athletic activity that has caught the interest of your child? Regardless of what the sport is, protecting their eyes is a top priority. With a reported six out of ten people needing some type of corrective lens, this only adds to the importance and benefits of having the right protective eyewear for our kids. Like any piece of protection or equipment, we want eyewear that fits right, that works best for the sport and that protects. Goggles N More offers eyewear like their M2P prescription swimming goggles among many others for those very reasons.

The Right Fit

Flexibility, safety, vision, and even comfort are amongst many the factors that determine the proper eyewear; that is eyewear that fits. These factors are influenced by several variables. The size of the kid and their eyesight, for example, will all factor into getting the right eyewear for your child. Another consideration that has a great impact on choosing the right eyewear is the sport itself.

Sports Eyewear

In addition to sports eyewear protecting our eyes from glances, strikes or pokes as a result of contact from sports, they can also help improve a kids' ability to perform. The right eyewear for the right sport will make a big difference. A young hitter who is still learning the art of the swing will perform better with better visual acuity. A young swimmer can't afford to worry about adjusting their goggles while practicing the butterfly-stroke. The proper eyewear for each sport will provide safety and enhance performance. At the end of the day, however, sports eyewear that don't fit simply won't work - figuratively and literally.

Even our youngest athletes and athletes-to-be need to have eyewear and protection. Here are Goggles and more, we recognize the need of our future greats to have proper eyewear that protects and fits correctly. Be sure to check out our Kids Sport Glasses to learn more.

The Right Eyewear

Kids who need corrective lenses or glasses shouldn't be at a disadvantage when participating in their favorite sports or activities. That is why the right eyewear is so important because with the right prescription sports sunglasses or goggles, they won't be. Getting the right eyewear is about so much more than having the right prescription. Adults aren't always compliant with uncomfortable, poor-fitting or poorly made safety equipment. How much more likely will a kid be to fight wearing eyewear that doesn't fit correctly or that isn't made well?

Not wearing prescription glasses isn't an option and that is not only because of the need for prescription lenses. There aren't hundreds or thousands but tens of thousands of eye injuries every year that are sports-related. The right eyewear will fit the child properly, be suitable for their sport or activity and protect their eyes from injury.

Understand the potential risk of the sport. Consider the most suitable styles and types of eyewear. For swimming, diving and water sports the obvious choice would be well-made and durable goggles that have the right Rx and fit. If your child is involved in activities with contact or considerable movement, sports sunglasses equipped with a strap could be the perfect solution. On the other hand, if your child has taken up fishing or golf, maybe a strap isn't necessary but a lens to correct vision and eliminate sun glare might be ideal.

Goggles and Sports Sunglasses for Every Sport and Every Kid

Removable activity guards, Revo lenses, adjustable straps, floatable frames and many other options exist in order to get the right fit for every kid for nearly any sport or activity. Your kids will appreciate the ability to see clearly and play better, and we will appreciate the comfort of knowing that our kids have the best goggles and sports sunglasses they can for their sport. This is why Goggles N More is dedicated to finding you the perfect eye protection and that is the real benefit of having sports sunglasses that fit.

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