Prescription Swim Goggles For Kids



When it gets warm outside, kids look forward to jumping in the pool or splashing around at the beach. As a parent, your child’s safety is a priority. Encouraging children to wear protective eye gear is just as important as lathering sunscreen before heading out the door. At Goggles N More, you will find the largest selection of stylish swim goggles for kids. From toddlers to preteens, our swim goggles are custom made to order so that the lenses on each pair of goggles is unique to every wearer. They are also made with materials to enhance comfort and help your kids enjoy long hours in the water.

Swimming comfortablye can become difficult when you normally wear we’re prescription lensesglasses. A typical plan of action involves taking off your glasses and safely storing them away when you get to the beach. Swimming around with impaired vision can cause accidental injuries. Avoid the hassle and browse through our prescription swim goggles. They can be worn out of the water throughout the day just like regular glasses so that you don’t have to worry about finding your lenses straight after you get out of the water. Each pair of swim goggles feature a high quality seal that helps keep water and pool chemicals out of the eyes. They also provide excellent UV blocking and protection from injuries to the eyes. We want your kids to freely enjoy the summer and all the water related activities they’re invited to!

All of our kid’s swim goggles are made to order in our state of the art lab, with your child's specific prescription, including correction for:

  • astigmatism

  • prism corrections

  • near or far sightedness lenses

Available in a variety of sizes with adjustable straps to ensure the right fit. Choose from bright colors or more neutral colors like black and blue. Give your child the gift of clear vision and plenty of pool time this summer. Our affordable prices are our gift to you.