8 Foods That Can Enhance your Vision

Posted by Goggles n More on 26th Jan 2016

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Foods That Can Enhance your Vision

Ever wondered how you can enhance your vision without using the synthetically produced supplements? Well the answer rests with finding the right foods to consume. It is a decades old notion that natural foods are the answer to all the health needs of the body. If you did not believe that, then think again because the avenue to enhancing your eyesight is inherent in the food combos.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Are you a lover of green leafy vegetables? If not, you better start loving and embracing them since they are effective in providing a foundation for curbing the development of aged-related macular degeneration. Green vegetables like spinach and kales contain lutein which is a plant pigment that aids in correction of eyesight.


Did you know eggs contain lutein and vitamin A which are both fundamental elements that assist in building the health of the eyes? Making eggs a part of your diet is an important step towards ensuring you protect yourself against night blindness. Lutein also protects dry eye syndrome.

Whole Foods

Whole foods are trending at the moment but with an important angle too. Whole grains are characterized as having a low glycemic index. In other words, they aid you in managing eyesight by substituting whole grain foods for things like sugar and refined white flour found in processed foods, which increases your risk of age-related eye diseases.


If you love seafood, then the idea of fish diet will come as a welcome option. Fish like salmon and tuna mainly found in the cold waters contain omega 3 oils and fatty acids which are principal inputs in protecting against dry eyes syndrome and age related macular degeneration . Omega 3 fatty acids also encourages proper drainage of intraocular fluid from the eye, thus reducing the risk of glaucoma.

All The rest

What of sunflower seeds, ever tried them? They are your ultimate source for vitamin E.

Vitamin E is effective in allowing the body to perform eyesight correction to enhance your range and field of view.

Everybody loves nuts but do you have an idea of what they add to the body? Nuts contain vitamin E and Omega 3 oils which improve your eyesight and limit age-related eye diseases.

A visit to a doctor always results in the doctor advising consumption of legumes. Ever wondered why they stress on it? Well legumes like kidney beans, contain bioflavonoids and zinc which are fundamental in protecting retinal health.

If berries and citrus fruits are not part of your diet, you risk macular degeneration. Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons contain vitamin C which limit the risk of eye diseases and deterioration of eyesight.

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