Best Baseball Tips and Training Tools

Best Baseball Tips and Training Tools

Posted by Goggles N More on 23rd Apr 2021

Baseball season is officially under way and we are all pulling out our chairs to cheer from the sidelines, dusting off the cleats, and settling in for the great American past time. As your baseball season gets underway, we wanted to share some of our favorite blogs from over the years on all things baseball. 

Lets Play Ball!

Baseball Fun Facts

While most people had World Cup Fever, there are still some of us who are loyal to the sport of baseball. After all, there's an undeniable connection between baseball and Americana – something that's not found in every sport. While most people are familiar with the basic principles of baseball, there are some other elements of this sport that may surprise you. Check out our  5 fun facts about baseball and see if you learn something new. 

Best Baseball Training Tools

Baseball season doesn’t need to end just because there is snow on the ground! Take your training to the next level and keep it going year-round. Your baseball coaches will be impressed when you pick up next season better than the playoffs last season. Baseball can be broken down into 3 areas, hitting, catching, and throwing. We have found off-season  baseball training tools for each of these areas.

Blind as a Bat: Famous Baseball Players Who Wore Glasses

In the wide world of sports and in particular baseball, one is sure to need the gift of vision. However, in times past and present, the need for prescription sports glasses has always been present. Some of the greatest teams in the history of famous  baseball players who wore eyeglasses. They present proof that the need for sports glasses would not deter the need for perfection.

Can you wear glasses while playing baseball?

Are you a baseball player or a fan of baseball? If so, you may have noticed the increase in demand for baseball sports glasses on the ball field. Of course, most of the games take place during the day or under the lights at night. During the day, the sun is at its highest. You can imagine the number of black eyes or sun damaged eyes you will have for not wearing your baseball sports glasses. A major concern is getting hit in your eyes or other body parts like your head with the baseball because you couldn't see well. Wearing prescription glasses not only protects your eyes from the harsh outdoor conditions, but they also help to improve your play. There are many reasons for wearing prescription baseball sports glasses while playing, the question is,  can you wear glasses while playing baseball?

Sports Glasses for Baseball

There are people who say that baseball is America's pastime. Over the past century, baseball has grown from a sport that people play in the backyard to a thriving professional league. Baseball is played by people of all ages, ranging from children up to adulthood. One of the unifying factors is the importance of having the proper equipment. This means bats, gloves, balls, and sports glasses. There are a few important points to remember when it comes to sports glasses for baseball. Even if you are just throwing the ball around or running drills in your backyard, sports glasses for baseball are essential.

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