Best Sports Glasses for Squash

Best Sports Glasses for Squash

Posted by Goggles N More on 23rd Nov 2022

Fast-moving rubber balls and a four-wall enclosure mean that you are bound to be hit in the face when playing squash. While this sport is fun, super-competitive, and great for your physical health, you need to protect your eyes in case that hollowed-out rubber ball comes directly for your face. Whether you need your youth to prevent eye injuries or you're an active person, there are a few sports glasses you can wear when playing squash that is comfortable and will keep your eyes protected from

Best Sports Glasses For Squash

Progear and Rec Specs are the leading brands of sports glasses for playing squash and protecting your eyes during the game. Made of ASTM rated impact-resistant materials, these sports glasses or sports goggles can even be customized with your specific RX from the eye doctor to make playing squash safer.

These are some leading brands in the sport glasses industry. These brands are known for being made with great quality, which is ideal for hits that can happen when playing squash.

Sports Glasses for Squash

Qualities to Look for in Sports Glasses

Before you make a purchase for a pair of sports glasses, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when you are looking:

  • Size - Always check to make sure they're adult or youth frames, or else they can be uncomfortable or fall off.
  • Style - Quality sports glasses don't have to be outdated, in fact, they should look similar to trendy sports sunglasses.
  • Fit - Arguably one of the most important factors when considering the right sports glasses, having them fit correctly can make a world of difference.
  • Prescription adaptable - It's always a plus for those of us who have vision loss to be able to customize our sports glasses with vision correctness.


Sports glasses come in a variety of different sizes to match your head. Some of these sports glasses are made for young kids up to age 7, others to age 16, and then adult sizes. Make sure you know what size glasses you wear.


There are several styles of sports glasses for squash and other racket sports. They come in a variety of colors, and can be wide-rimmed if you prefer, or they can be slimmer compared to others.


Depending on how you want them to fit around your head, you can get them with a and so that you can tighten them to your preferred fitness. if you do not want a pair that snug, you can get a style that wears like regular pair of glasses. We also have a blog about how sports goggles should fit that comes in handy.

Prescription Adaptability

Since many of us who play squash have an eye prescription and need glasses regularly, you want to get a pair of sports glasses that can manage that same prescription when you are wearing them. This will improve your overall game, allowing you to play better with a prescription and keep yourself safe during the game.

Sports Glasses for Squash

Risks of Not Wearing Sports Glasses for Squash

If you decide to play squash without protective sports glasses, you may get through a game or two safely, but soon enough you will take a hard hit to the face. While the rubber ball is moving around the walls, it can come back and hit you directly in your face during the game. Another risk you face when playing a racket sport is being hit with the racket directly. You can miss and hit yourself with your own racket, or a partner could hit you if you are playing teams.

With sports glasses, you keep damage from happening to your eyeballs, where you could be blind depending on the damage, and you protect the soft socket around it with an impact-resistant frame. If you get hit in the eye with the sports glasses on you'll less likely need to be rushed to the emergency room.

Where to Buy the Best Sports Glasses for Squash

One of the top online retailers in sports glasses, Goggles N More offers the option to customize your sports goggles or sports glasses with your own prescription. We want you to enjoy playing the game, while being able to see clearly and not suffer an eye injury. Check out our large selection of Progear and Rec Specs, available for all ages!