Prevent Youth Sports Eye Injuries

Prevent Youth Sports Eye Injuries

Playing sports and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can do wonders not only for your physical and mental health but it can also contribute to the high number of eye injuries. However, there are certain sports that can be more high risk than others. The good news is that around 90% of eye injuries caused by sports are preventable if the protective eyewear is worn such as sports goggles or sports glasses.

In addition to maximum protection, you want to be able to see every clearly to avoid injury and that's why prescription sports glasses are the best way to go.

It is important to wear the required protection for each specific sport since each one involves various risks. In addition, it’s also important to emphasize that prescription glasses don’t offer special protection during sports. They can even worsen the situation if they break.

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Most Dangerous Sports for Eye Injuries

To varying degrees, most sports present some level of risk to the eyes, but it is clear that there are some with a higher risk of eye injury than others. According to a number of reliable sources, basketball has been determined to be the sport that causes the most eye injuries, followed by baseball and softball.

Soccer, the most popular sport in the world, also can be dangerous when a ball comes into contact with the face and hits the eye, causing inflammation, bleeding, even tears, and/or retinal detachment.

There are sports such as martial arts and boxing that present extremely dangerous situations for your eyes and can even cause blindness. So, depending on which athletics you or your children decide to pursue, depends on how likely an eye injury will occur.

Eye Injuries Increase Among Youth

In recent years, it’s estimated that the number of children and adolescents who do team sports has increased significantly along with eye injuries. Young athletes flock to arenas, stadiums, and arenas equipped with a wide selection of head, leg, and arm protection but largely neglect to protect their eyes. Not making sports goggles mandatory has only increased the number of youth eye injuries over the years.

Despite the risks, most young athletes who wear prescription glasses do not consider using prescription sports goggles or sports glasses. And yet we know that conventional models were not designed to withstand strong impacts or sudden head movements, nor respond to the effects of sweating and perspiration.

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How to Prevent Eye Injuries

To respond to this problem, companies have provided a complete range of certified protective sports glasses or goggles that combines the best technical characteristics with the highest international eye protection standards. The goal is to achieve maximum safety for the eyes of children and young people.

In order to guarantee the probability of injury, sports glasses or sports goggles use a superior grade of polycarbonate whose flexibility ensures excellent ergonomic support, while offering a maximum level of resistance.

Sports glasses should feature SAS, or a Shock Absorption System. This is an industrial procedure that allows the co-injection of a highly durable material that absorbs shocks to provide safety and comfort. Also, glue shouldn’t be used for the construction to make sure there are no allergic reactions or poor quality.

Athletes who play highly active sports should consider wearing prescription sports glasses, especially if they need prescription lenses to see clearly. The following sports are recommended for wearing sports goggles:

Factors to consider when selecting the right pair of prescription sports glasses should be determined by size, frame design and thickness, prescription strength, color, and special needs. Also, look for protective eyewear made from unbreakable plastic, also known as polycarbonate lenses. In addition, make sure they are by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International).

The Best Sports Goggles for Athletes

If you are shopping for youth sports goggles, Goggles N More has a wide selection of both prescription sports glasses and non-prescription sports goggles. We can outfit your child with the right glasses in terms of comfort, affordability, and desire. We provide custom RX lenses for certain pairs of prescription sports glasses to allow you to both protect your eyes and see clearly during the next big game.

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