Best Sports Glasses & Sports Goggles for Racquetball

Best Sports Glasses & Sports Goggles for Racquetball

Posted by Goggles N More on 20th Dec 2022

Racquetball can be an intense activity whether you’re playing for fun or competitively in sports. As a considerably high-impact sport, it comes with the potential to injure yourself or others easily since the ball requires quick reaction. That’s why wearing protective eyewear is essential to avoid serious damage. The best solution? Wear high-impact resistant sports glasses or sports goggles by a top-quality manufacturer such as Rec Specs and ProGear.

6 Best Sports Glasses & Sports Goggles for Racquetball

Each pair includes non-prescription lenses and can be customized with your exact prescription from the eye doctor as well to both give clear vision and protect your eyes. We’ve came up with a researched list of our favorite sports glasses by these popular brands, and here are our top five:

Rec Specs Torque II

  • Ideal for motorcycle cruises, driving, cycling, fishing, and racquetball.
  • Clever raised eye rim back clip delivers additional lens retention.
  • Adjustable head strap allows sunglasses to be worn under most helmets.

Shop Rec Specs TORQUE II Sports Glasses

Progear TEMPLE – EGL1030

  • Comes with regular arms; if you need long goggle strap look into the GOGGLES version.
  • Features various sizes suitable for children through adults.
  • Adjustable long goggle strap to fit most sizes.

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Rec Specs Electric Wave – Street Series

  • Features a striking design and trendy colors.
  • Compatible with a wide prescription range.
  • Comes with padded eye cushions to help protect the eyes from wind, dust, and light particles.

Shop Rec Specs Electric Wave - Street Series Sports Glasses

Progear STRAP – EGL1031

  • Interior side cushion to absorb impacts.
  • Slimline and flexible side pads to fit under helmets.
  • Super tough polycarbonate from for even more impact protection during racquetball.

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Rec Specs Helmet SPEX

  • Suitable for helmet wearing sports, including racquetball.
  • Recommended for kids, youth and adults from 5-years-old and up.
  • Features eye-catching colors for a fun, modern style.

Shop Rec Specs Helmet SPEX Sports Goggles

Progear TEMPLE – EGL1031

  • V-shaped groove (1.6mm higher on the inside) to keep lenses from entering the eyes in the event of impact.
  • Expanded thermo-plastic rubber (TPR) nose pad is both non-allergenic and comfortable.
  • Includes 3mm center thick lenses with hard coating and UV protection.

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Where to Buy Sports Glasses & Sports Goggles

Fortunately, Goggles N More offers one of the biggest selection available online of both sports glasses and sports goggles with or without custom prescription lenses (for an extra fee). You never know when you could be facing a possible injury during any activity, not just racquetball. There’s high risk for eye damage during racquetball, especially since it’s such a fast-paced sport. Consider protecting yourself next time you play and shop our Rec Specs and Progear inventory.

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