Can I Wear Swimming Goggles After LASIK

Can I Wear Swimming Goggles After LASIK

Posted by Goggles N More on 2nd Aug 2021

You finally took the plunge and underwent vision correction surgery. Now that you’re starting to heal, you’re probably wondering when the right time to get back in the pool or head off to the beach might be.

The truth? It can sometimes take a bit of time to heal before you can fully resume normal watersports and activities, and swimming goggles could help ensure you get back to doing what you love more quickly.

Here’s what you need to know about swimming after LASIK surgery and additional options for vision correction while underwater.

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Can You Swim After LASIK?

Yes, it is possible to swim after you’ve had LASIK surgery. However, you’ll need to give it at least a month before fully opening your eyes underwater. In addition, it is important to avoid swimming in natural bodies of water like rivers or lakes for at least a few weeks after your procedure.

Why? These areas have a higher bacterial level than your typical chlorine-treated swimming pool. If you get it in your eyes, you can get an infection and slow down your healing time. Thus, it is best just to be a little patient and wait for the recommended time frame.

Do You Have to Wear Swim Goggles?

For the first month after your eye surgery, you’ll want to continue to wear swim goggles for added protection. Ultimately, it’s up to your vision changes to determine whether these are truly prescription lenses or just clear eyewear.

Keeping water out of your eyes is incredibly important as you heal. Still, you might get to a point a few weeks after the procedure where you feel comfortable opening your eyes underwater and seeing clearly. Other people who have had LASIK report that they prefer to continue to wear goggles when swimming simply because it is more comfortable.

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Should You Wear Prescription Swim Goggles If You Need Vision Correction?

If it has been several months since you’ve had LASIK surgery and you still need general vision correction, it might be a good idea to continue to wear prescription swim goggles for a short period of time. While the change might be due to the necessary adjustment period, it is vital that you mention the issue with your eye doctor.

After speaking with them to determine whether your vision correction needs are temporary or permanent, you can either order new  prescription swim goggles to meet your requirements or simply go with the ones you already own if your vision hasn’t changed that much.

This is something you’ll want to monitor over the first few weeks and months after your LASIK surgery and make a determination as to whether you’ll need to order new goggles in the future.

General Guidelines for Swimming in Bodies of Water After LASIK

After corrective vision surgery, it takes a bit of time for your eyes to heal and adjust. In that case, it is important to continue to wear protective goggles and follow basic ophthalmological guidelines.

The general time frame to follow when it comes to swimming after LASIK includes:

  • One Week After Surgery: You may swim in a chlorinated pool, but you’ll want to wear goggles to protect your healing eyes from the chemicals. Do not swim in any natural bodies of water, such as oceans or lakes, as the bacteria in them can cause problems with healing.
  • Two Weeks After Surgery: You can continue to swim in rivers, lakes, ponds, or even go to the beach. You may also sit in a hot tub and use a swimming pool. However, you should still use protective goggles during this time. Low-impact water activities like canoeing and fishing are allowed.
  • Three Weeks After Surgery: At this time, you’re almost healed from your corrective vision surgery. This allows you to engage in all of your favorite water activities while wearing protective goggles.
  • Four Weeks After Surgery: At this point, you can swim underwater and open your eyes. However, most people continue to wear swim goggles for a comfort factor.

Wrap Up: LASIK & Prescription Swim Goggles

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