Can you get prescription swimming goggles?

Can you get prescription swimming goggles?

Posted by Goggles N More on 29th Aug 2019

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Protecting one's eyes while swimming in chlorinated water is very important, and perhaps even more so when you rely on prescription lenses. There are two convenient options for prescription swimming goggles, depending on which best suits your eye protection needs. Prescription swim goggles are available in a ton of colors, clear, or Transient™ depending on your own personal tastes. There are a lot of great options to choose from that are comfortable while keeping your eyes and vision protected.

What are the two options available for swimmers who need prescription swimming goggles?

There are swimming goggles available in lens power ranges letting you choose the one that's closest to your needs without having to worry about having to custom order anything. If you want swimming goggles with your exact prescription, we offer that too! Our custom  prescription swimming goggles are a great way to keep your eyes protected while maintaining crystal-clear vision. Choosing a swimming goggle within our range of power lenses lets you enjoy the simplicity of off-the-shelf ordering and get a boost in your underwater vision. It's a win-win!

Is it appropriate for children to use prescription swimming goggles?

Actually, it's pretty important to protect children's eyes. Everyone needs swimming goggles if they're going to spend any amount of time in the pool, and children are no different. It would be sad if your kids grew to dislike swimming simply because the activity made their eyes burn, or they weren't able to see clearly underwater.

What types of prescription swimming goggles does Goggles N More offer

Goggles N More has a full range of great  swimming goggles for you to choose from. There are clear swimming goggles if you swim indoors, and colored swimming goggles with UV A and UV B protection for outdoor swimming. We even offer Transition™ lenses for our swimming goggles to accommodate swimmers that like to enjoy both indoor and outdoor swimming. A lot of people overlook the fact that our eyes need constant protection from the harms rays, even if we are underwater. If you want to enjoy clear vision when you're swimming and also keep your eyes protected, check out our prescription lenses that offer some serious sun protection.

Why are prescription swimming goggles important?

If you are spending time in the water, it's important to keep your eyes protected. Even if you aren't swimming in chlorinated water there is still damage that can occur to your eyes. People who have corrected vision will still need to see even if they are underwater, and wearing glasses isn't very practical! Our eyes are very precious, and they are also vulnerable to chemicals, germs, and water. It's essential to keep them protected, especially when we are spending time in pools, oceans, or lakes.

Families that enjoy the water are smart to invest in some swimming goggles for all members, both kids, and adults. Whatever your swim habits, we have a goggle that's right for you. Whether you choose made-to-order or find that the lens power option suits you just fine, we're here to help you get the right swimming goggles for your needs and get you back in the water!

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