Can you play basketball wearing glasses?

Can you play basketball wearing glasses?

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Technically, basketball players could choose to play the sport with glasses. Many people feel like they have to choose between fumbling around with glasses while playing basketball, or having to play basketball without being able to see. Thankfully, players do not have to make this choice. In fact, there is another option that has been utilized by both amateurs and professional athletes alike. You should wear prescription sports goggles instead of glasses since the former are designed to help minimize eye injuries with their sturdy construction as well as providing you with vision correction.

Basketball Sports Glasses

Why Basketball Sports Glasses?

Picture it. You are playing a game and your glasses fly across the court and shatter as you run a fast break. Now what? You cannot see. You are more at risk for getting your eyes poked by an opponent or a ball hitting you in the face since you could not see it coming at you.

Do you risk that scenario happening by wearing glasses instead of Basketball Sports Glasses?

By wearing basketball sports glasses, you lessen your risk of that occurring.  Basketball sports glasses provide both safety and sight while playing the game. There no longer is a risk of losing your glasses while playing since basketball sports glasses can be securely fastened to your face. Plus, the risk of basket ball sports glasses breaking on the court can cost money to replace them, put players at risk with broken glass on the court and potentially in the wearer's eyes.

Do Basketball Sports Glasses Hurt Your Nose or Eyes When Worn?

Actually, basketball sports glasses provide not only vision correction, but additional protection from eye injuries. In basketball, there are elbows and fingers flying into eye sockets. Sometimes, basketballs can even hit players in the face. With basketball sports glasses, players can protect their eyes from these risks. .

Basketball Sports Glasses

Okay, So Basketball Sports Glasses Are Important, Will They Look Athletic?

Kareem Abdul Jabbar. George Mikan. Amare Stoudemire. Each of these noteworthy players have worn basketball sports glasses or goggles while playing the game professionally. The best of players understand that they are better at playing the game if they can see. Seems like common sense, right? Even if they were not athletic looking, they are still necessary to ensure the highest quality of play can be achieved for those players that do not have perfect sight. Luckily, since Kareem Abdul Jabbar played, time has passed and technology has improved to provide both vision correction, safety and aesthetic while playing basketball. In fact,  GogglesNMore provides a wide selection of basketball sports goggles and glasses in an array of colors and styles to suit your needs.

So there you have it, basketball sports goggles can be a great alternative to wearing glasses while playing basketball. Whether you are going for a layup, pulling down a rebound, or blocking an opponent, basketball sports goggles will securely provide safety from injuries while also correcting your vision that glasses could not provide.

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