Can You Wear Glasses While Kickboxing?

Can You Wear Glasses While Kickboxing?

Posted by Goggles N More on 7th Aug 2023

Kickboxing is a high-intensity combat sport that combines elements of martial arts and boxing. If you require vision correction and participate in kickboxing, you might be wondering if wearing sports goggles is a viable option. 

An Eyewear Solution for Kickboxing

In this blog, we will explore the advantages of wearing prescription sports goggles during kickboxing, address concerns regarding safety and performance, and provide insights on how Goggles N More can help you find the perfect eyewear solution for your kickboxing sessions.

Prescription Sports Glasses & Sports Goggles

Why Consider Sports Goggles for Kickboxing?

There are plenty of good reasons why you would wear sports goggles rather than your everyday glasses to your kickboxing class. Here are some of them:

Visual Clarity

Kickboxing demands keen visual perception to anticipate and react to your opponent's movements effectively. Prescription sports goggles offer tailored vision correction, ensuring clear and accurate sight throughout your training and matches. By wearing sports goggles, you can maintain optimal visual acuity and enhance your performance.

Eye Protection

Kickboxing involves high-impact strikes and dynamic movements, increasing the risk of accidental eye injuries. Sports goggles with impact-resistant lenses provide a protective barrier, shielding your eyes from potential blows, scratches, and foreign objects. They are designed to meet strict safety standards and are capable of withstanding intense physical activities.

Stability and Comfort

Regular glasses may slip or fall off during intense kickboxing sessions, disrupting your focus and concentration. Prescription sports goggles, on the other hand, are engineered to stay securely in place. They feature a snug fit, adjustable straps, and non-slip nose pads, ensuring stability and comfort even during the most rigorous training routines.

Sports Goggles Offer Protection When Kickboxing

  • Impact Resistance: Prescription sports goggles are constructed with impact-resistant materials, such as polycarbonate lenses, which are highly durable and designed to withstand forceful impacts. They provide reliable protection for your eyes, reducing the risk of injuries caused by accidental strikes or contact.
  • ASTM F803 Standard: When selecting sports goggles for kickboxing, it's important to ensure they meet the ASTM F803 standard. This standard certifies that the eyewear has undergone rigorous testing to withstand high-velocity impacts. Goggles N More offers a wide range of ASTM F803-certified sports goggles, ensuring the highest level of eye protection during kickboxing sessions.

Prescription Sports Glasses & Sports Goggles

Kickboxing in Sports Goggles Widens Your Vision

  • Peripheral Vision: Kickboxing requires awareness of your surroundings and quick reflexes. Prescription sports goggles are designed to offer a wide field of vision, allowing you to monitor your opponent's movements and react swiftly. You can choose from various frame styles that provide maximum peripheral vision without compromising on eye protection or visual acuity.
  • Anti-Fog Coating: Intense physical activity in kickboxing can cause sweating and increase the risk of foggy lenses. To combat this, many sports goggles come with an anti-fog coating. This feature ensures that your vision remains clear throughout your training, enabling you to focus on your technique and performance.

Finding the Right Sports Goggles for Kickboxing

Wearing sports goggles during kickboxing offers multiple benefits, including visual clarity, eye protection, stability, and comfort. Prescription sports goggles are designed to withstand high-impact activities and provide optimal vision correction for kickboxers who require it. Goggles N More offers a wide range of prescription sports goggles that meet stringent safety standards and are customizable to your specific needs.

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