Can You Wear Your Blue Light Blocking Glasses All Day?

Can You Wear Your Blue Light Blocking Glasses All Day?

Posted by Goggles N More on 19th Sep 2019

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Once people learn of the dangers of blue light rays from the computer, phone, tablet, and certain television screens and discover the benefits of wearing blue light blocking glasses at work and for evening television viewing it is common to wonder if the glasses can be worn all day. The simple answer is yes. You can wear your blue light blocking glasses anytime and wearing them all day will not cause your eyes any damage. There are a few things you should further understand about the reasons behind blocking blue light though so you can choose the best time to wear your glasses for maximum benefits. 

Blue Light is Required for Biological Rhythms.

Blue light from our tech devices and televisions is not good. It can reduce or harm vision. It can cause temporary difficulty in sleeping or even long term insomnia. This lack of sleep can, in turn, cause immune system upheaval and an increased chance of getting sick or even diseases you are already genetically prone to. Despite all the harm, this artificial blue like can do it is important to know that is a natural and required part of life.

Blue light from the sun's rays wake up our system up each morning. The brighter it gets the more alert we become, then as the evening falls so do the hormones that keep us awake and slowly relaxing hormones such as melatonin are released. This is a natural part of life and when in balance it is as much a part of a healthy lifestyle as eating the right foods, drinking enough water, and exercise. But it is easy to get out of balance because of all the devices we use that bombard our system with artificial light that does the same thing when it comes to waking up our system even if it is not morning time.

That is why blue light blocking glasses are so popular. They block the artificial blue light rays while you are enjoying your favorite television shows on a flat-screen, or while at work in front of the computer all day, or even browsing online on your handheld device minimizing the effect of artificial blue light on your body's system and on your eyes which become tired dry and even possibly damaged from too much screen time.

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How Often Can These Glasses Be Worn?

Many people do choose to wear them all day, but they report that the suns light does make an increased glare on the lens. This is likely due to the increased filtered coating on the outside of the lens. If you wear them in the full sun keep in mind that this may happen and be prepared if driving. If you wear them every time you use an electronic device then you will be offsetting much of the negative effects of the artificial rays.

Some people chose to wear them after a certain point of the day. If they work in an office, for example, they put the glasses on after ten a.m. because the boost of the artificial blue light is stimulating. Others who do not work in an office but enjoy screen time in the evening will only wear their glasses for their evening entertainment. It is all a matter of personal choice and the bottom line is that wearing blue light blocking glasses all day is safe for your eyes in general.

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